G.K. Gilbert Award

Nomination deadline: December 15, 2021

Nominations for the 2022 Gilbert Award should be sent directly to coordinator Nick Lang. Electronic submissions are preferred. Nominations should include a cover letter detailing the accomplishments of the nominee, supporting letters from colleagues, and a current CV. The deadline for nominations is December 15, 2021.

The G. K. Gilbert Award will be considered annually in accordance with the bylaws of the Society. The award will be made for outstanding contributions to the solution of a fundamental problem(s) of planetary geology in its broadest sense, including planetary geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, petrology, and tectonics, geophysics, and the field of meteoritics. Such contributions may consist either of a single outstanding publication, or a series of publications that have had great influence on the field. The award is named for G. K. Gilbert, who over one hundred years ago clearly recognized the importance of a planetary perspective in solving terrestrial geological problems.

The award consists of an engraved plaque and an appropriate certificate, which is recommended by the management board of the Division, and approved by the GSA Council. A person selected by and familiar with the Recipient's work presents a citation reviewing the contributions of the Recipient.

Congratulations to Janice Bishop of the SETI Institute, the 2021 Gilbert awardee!

2021 Gilbert awardee Janice Bishop (SETI Institute)2021 Gilbert awardee Janice Bishop (SETI Institute)
We recognize Dr. Bishop with our division’s highest award for her outstanding contributions to our field.

From her nominator, Dr. Joseph Michalski: "For over 20 years, Dr. Bishop has been one of the leaders of the planetary geology community. Her contributions include well respected and extremely well cited works focused on mineralogy, geochemistry, geology and remote sensing of planets and planetary analog materials. She has also demonstrated a strong commitment to student advising, community service, science communication, mission involvement and international cooperation."

Past Gilbert Awardees

Year Name
2021 Janice Bishop
2020 Jim Zimbelman
2019 Alfred McEwen
2018 Jeffrey M. Moore
2017 John A. Grant
2016 M. Darby Dyar
2015 Matthew P. Golombek
2014 William B. McKinnon
2013 Alan D. Howard
2012 Peter H. Schultz
2011 Steve Squyres
2010 Carle Pieters
2009 Robert Strom
2008 Philip Christensen
2007 Maria Zuber
2006 Michael J. Gaffey
2005 Lionel Wilson
2004 William K. Hartmann
2003 Roger Phillips
2002 James Head
2001 H. Jay Melosh
2000 Larry Soderblom
1999 Sean Solomon
1998 John B. Adams
1997 Ronald Greeley
1996 Robert P. Sharp
1995 Baerbel Lucchitta
1994 S. Ross Taylor
1993 Michael Carr
1992 John A. Wood
1991 John Guest
1990 Harold Masursky
1989 Harrison Schmitt
1988 Donald Wilhelms
1987 Donald Gault
1986 Ralph B. Baldwin
1985 Walter Alvarez
1984 George Wetherill
1983 Eugene M. Shoemaker