PGD Button Design

2020 Button Competition flyer

Since 2018, the PGD Student Advisory Members run an annual button design contest. This is your chance to get creative and show us what you think should be on our next button! Rules for submissions include:

    1. Design must be completed within a 6 cm diameter circle.
    2. Letters “PGD” and year must be included as a central feature in the artwork.
    3. Group submissions are acceptable.
    4. Any media/software can be used as long as the scanned image sent to the PGD is clear.

Submission must include brief biographical information about the artist, a brief (500 character limit) description of the artwork, a PDF of the artwork and a JPEG (min 600 dpi) of the artwork. All submissions must be sent to our Student Advisory Members by 5pm EST on February 1 (annually). All PGD members may vote from the semi-finalists’ buttons (as determined by PGD officers). See the current newsletter or contact our Student Advisory Members for more information!

2023 PGD Button

2023 PGD button
Designed by: 
Audrielle Paige Esma
& Rainelle Yasa,
Astra Nova School

Artwork Description: This design combines the beauty of Jupiter with the orbit paths of our solar system. The design not only focuses on the surface features of Jupiter but also delves into the layers of its cross-section. Its cross-section is composed of three layers: the core, mantle, and atmosphere. The core consists of hard, dense rock, while the mantle consists of liquid metallic hydrogen and helium. Along with the cross-section, the design also showcases the orbits of planets Mercury, Earth, Mars, and Saturn.

Artist Biography: We are Audrielle Paige Esma and Rainelle Yasa, students from Astra Nova School. Together, we share a love for creating digital art, as well as space sciences, and have taken classes such as Planetary Science and Astrogeology.

Past Button Designs

2021 PGD button

Designed by: 
Jordan Bretzfelder

2020 PGD button

Designed by: 
Rutu Parekh
DLR Institute of Planetary Science, Berlin

2019 PGD button design

Designed by: 
Samuel Cartwright
Middlebury College

2018 PGD button design
Designed by: 
Sarah Roberts
UT Knoxville