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WELCOME  to the Planetary Geology Division (PGD) of the Geological Society of America! The Division was founded in May 1981, almost 100 years after the founding of GSA in 1888. We invite any Member, Fellow, Honorary Fellow, Student Associate, or Teacher Associate of the Geological Society of America to join the Planetary Geology Division as we provide a voice for planetary geoscience in the 21st Century.

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• Mar 2023 •
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The PGD presents an annual award for Distinguished Contributions in Planetary Geoscience (G.K. Gilbert Award), and several awards to students (Dwornik Awards, Pellas-Ryder Award, and Shoemaker Award), plus Student Travel Grants. The PGD sponsors or co-sponsors topical, discipline, and Pardee sessions at GSA meetings, holds an annual business meeting and award reception, and organizes other committees, pursuits, symposia, or publications as needed.

The purpose of the division is: (1) to bring together geoscientists working in (or interested in) the various disciplines of planetary geoscience; (2) to act as a facilitator in the presentation and discussion of problems and ideas related to planetary geoscience; (3) to stimulate communication with geoscientists working in other fields; (4) to promote research and publication in planetary geoscience; (5) to support and encourage students in planetary geoscience; and (6) to advise and assist the officers and committees of the Geological Society of America in matters pertaining to planetary geoscience.