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The meeting will kick off with the 2018 Indianapolis Icebreaker on Saturday, 3 November, from 5-7 p.m. The Exhibit hall opening is scheduled for Sunday, 4 November, from 5-7 p.m.

NOTE: Due to proximity of the Annual Meeting, the space request system is now closed.

Event Space | Event Listing Submissions — Critical Date: 6 June

  • Required to reserve meeting room for non-tech events (business meetings, luncheons, receptions, alumni receptions, etc.) held at the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) or JW Marriott Indianapolis
  • Required to have your event listed in the program book, mobile app or scheduler (applies to all “off site” events)
  • For events assigned by GSA, you will either be assigned a room at the ICC or JW Marriott. All other event locations are considered “off site” and you are responsible for making all of those arrangements/reservations.

Steps to help you get started:

  • Key information needed includes the date of your event along with the start/end time, approximate number of people and the room set needed. We will not know if we have space available until we have this key information!
  • Select your EVENT PLANNER (person that will make all the arrangements for your event and receive all communication regarding the event) and your ON-SITE CONTACT (person responsible during the event). Many times the EVENT PLANNER and ON-SITE CONTACT at your organization will be the same person.
  • When submitting, you can select “private event” if you do not want your event listed anywhere – will not be listed in the program book, web site, personal scheduler or mobile app.
  • If you want your event listed but it is “by invitation only” please include that information in your Event Title but do not select private event
  • Submit your request and pay the space request fee ($85 to $200/room/day depending on profit vs. non-profit organizations). No fee for event listings only/off-site events.

Unsure if you have missed a deadline? Here are the CRITICAL DATES

  • 6 June:  Event space | event listing deadline – submit by this date to receive the best meeting room availability and to make sure your event is included in the printed program book
  • Early July:  Room assignment notifications will be sent out via email to the EVENT PLANNER for your event
  • 12 September:  Catering, internet and audiovisual orders should be submitted
  • 2 October:  Last date to submit a request for the event space|event listing.
Event Space
Event Listing Guide

Need More Information?
This guide (pdf) includes a breakdown of fees, alumni reception information and answers to all FAQ’s.


Don’t wait until August to start planning – deadlines will have passed!


Catering and AV Pricing

JW Marriott

Please Note:

  • For AV pricing do not forget to include service fee, tax and labor set up.
  • Please note all catering prices are for 2017 and when budgeting for 2018 please add a 3%-5% increase in the 2017 pricing. Confirmed pricing for 2018 will be available in July.