Organizing Committee

Message from the Chairs

2018 Organizing Committee

Todd Thompson
General Chair
Todd Thompson

Kevin Mickus
Technical Program Chair
Kevin Mickus

Amy Brock-Hon
Technical Program Vice-chair
Amy Brock-Hon

Lee Florea
Field Trip Chair
Lee Florea

Polly Root Sturgeon
Outreach Chair
Polly Root Sturgeon

Indiana Geological & Water Survey
Host Organization:
Indiana Geological & Water Survey

GSA Logistical Contacts


Nancy Wright
Fax: +1-303-357-1070

Meeting Logistics

GSA Meetings Dept.
PO Box 9140
Boulder, CO 80301-9140
+1-303-357-1000, Opt. 6
Fax: +1-303-357-1070


GSA Sales & Service
+1-303-357-1000, option 3
+1-888-443-4472 (toll-free)
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News Media

Christa Stratton
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Debbie Marcinkowski


David Gerhardt
Corcoran Expositions


Ann Crawford
Fax: +1-303-357-1070

Online Community

Justin Samuel

Joint Technical Program Committee

Association of Earth Science Editors
Monica Gaiswinkler Easton
Continental Scientific Drilling Division
James Russell
Energy Geology Division
Laura S. Ruhl
Marc L. Buursink
Geoarchaeology Geology Division

Richard K. Dunn 
Laura Murphy

Geobiology & Geomicrobiology Division
Lydia Schiavo Tackett
Carie Frantz
Geochemical Society
Matthew E. Brueseke
Geoinformatics Division
Denise J. Hills
Xiaogang Ma
Geology & Health Division
Saugata Datta
Tom Darrah
Geology & Society Division
Bruce Clark
David Szymanski
Geophysics & Geodynamics Division
Benjamin Drenth
Diane Doser
Geoscience Education Division
Robyn Mieko Dahl
Elizabeth Petrie
Geoscience Information Society
Chris Badurek
GSA International
Mary Hubbard
History & Philosophy of Geology Division
Michael S. Smith
Renee M. Clary
Hydrogeology Division
Yu-Feng Forrest Lin
Randy Stotler
Limnogeology Division
Jeffery Stone
Scott W. Starratt
Marine Coastal Geology
Duncan M. Fitzgerald
Joseph T. Kelley
Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, & Volcanology Division
John W. Shervais
Rosemary Hickey-Vargas
Mineralogical Society of America
Philip Brown
National Association of Geoscience Teachers
Don Duggan-Haas
John Taber
Paleoclimatology & Paleoceanology
Miriam E. Katz
Precambrian Geology
Julia Baldwin
Quaternary Geology & Geomorphology Division
Tammy Rittenour
Grant Meyer
Sedimentary Geology Division
Ryan Morgan
Piret Plink-Bjorklund
Society for Sedimentary Geology
Piret Plink-Bjorklund
Society of Economic Geologists
Garth E Graham
Soils and Soil Processes Division
Neil J. Tabor
Gary Stinchcomb
Zsuzsanna Balogh-Brunstad
Structural Geology & Tectonics Division
Andy Barth
Paul Kapp