Special Lectures

First Time Attendees Orientation

Saturday, 3 November, 4–4:45 p.m., ICC Room 132

If this is your first GSA Annual Meeting, consider attending this session to learn more about how the meeting operates, the must-attend events, and how to set up your meeting schedule.

Town Hall

GSA Field Safety and Emergency Response

Sunday, 4 November, 4:30-6:00 p.m.

This is a Town Hall session on field safety and emergency response plans with the goal of building a field safety community to sustain interest in and sharing of safety lessons.

We start with a briefing on several recent serious field incidents from the leaders of those activities (including John Hawkins, Auburn U. and Jinny Sisson, U. of Houston) and a discussion of issues identified. Following that is a short training module on how to prepare for and respond to a field emergency, including a simulation video, discussion, and workbook for field use (led by Kevin Bohacs and Greer Barriault, ExxonMobil), based on the Field Safety Leadership short course.

We conclude with an open discussion of other safety issues of concern to the community and possible next steps to build and sustain a field-safety interest group within GSA.

Special Presentation

Making Guided Earth-Science Field Trips Accessible and Affordable Using Virtual Reality: A Virtual Walking Tour of the Indiana University Bloomington Campus Limestone Architecture

Monday, 5 November, 4:30–5:30 p.m., Halls J/K

Brian Keith and Chauncey Frend

Learn more about how to use virtual reality to provide an inexpensive overview of far-flung places and concepts in a repeatable workflow designed to promote student engagement and learning. Virtual field trips are, of course, never a replacement for field experiences but are increasingly useful for attracting new generations of students that may not be familiar with the geosciences. Virtual reality can serve as a novel recruitment tool for educators, administrators, parents, and students.

Special Presentation

RISE: Harassment Resistance and Active Bystander Intervention

Tuesday, 6 November, 9–11 a.m., Mentoring Center, ICC Rooms 206-207

Learn how to address unwelcome behavior whether you are the target of, or the witness to, bullying and harassment. You’ll practice how to set and hold a clear boundary, how to communicate clearly when a behavior is unwanted, and options for responding to harassment in different settings and circumstances. Come ready to participate - there will be lots of interactive practice and discussion in this lively session.

Students climbing steep rock face with a safety watch