Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer

The Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lectureship was established in 1988 by the Environmental and Engineering Geology Division and the Association of Engineering Geologists, jointly, to commemorate him and to promote student awareness of engineering geology through a series of annual lectures at academic institutions.

Appointment of the Distinguished Lecturer will be considered annually in accordance with the bylaws of the Geological Society of America’s Environmental and Engineering Geology Division (EEGD) and the policies of the Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists (AEG). The appointment will be made to an individual who through research or practice has contributed to the advancement of environmental and (or) engineering geology.

The purpose of the lectureship is to increase awareness at institutions of higher learning about environmental and (or) engineering geology.


The nominee for the lectureship will be selected by a committee made up of the Chair and Chair-Elect of the EEGD and President and President-Elect of the AEG. Each individual will serve a term of two years. Chairmanship will rotate annually between members representing each organization, with the senior member from either organization serving as Chair. A representative of the EEGD will chair the committee in even-numbered years. A representative of the AEG will chair the committee in odd-numbered years. Current committee members are not eligible for the award.


The appointment generally will be made annually, but in any particular year may be withheld if no recipient is decided upon.


The appointment is based on either outstanding research in environmental and (or) engineering geology or the relevance of geology to environmental site assessment and remediation and (or) engineered work(s). The speaker should be prepared to speak on either earth processes and the consequences of human interaction with these processes, or the application of geology to environmental and/or engineering projects. Priority should be given to either research results or timely events. Joint membership in EEGD and AEG is desirable. When practical, research-oriented individuals will be chosen for even-numbered years and practice-oriented individuals will be chosen for odd-numbered years.

Nominations for next year's Jahns Distinguished Lecturer are due on 31 January. Please email questions to the EEGD Chair. Nomination forms should be emailed to the AEG Association Manager:


Richard H. Jahns Distinguished Lecturer Recipients

2023 - Cynthia Palomares
2022 - Vincent S. Cronin
2022 – Richard M. Wooten
2021 – Cheryl Hapke
2020 – Scott Lindvall
2019 – Deborah Green
2018 – John Wakabayashi

2017 – Scott Anderson
2016 – Jerome De Graff
2015 – Eldon Gath
2014 – Gregory Hempen
2013 – James P. McCalpin
2012 – Scott F. Burns
2011 – Bill Haneberg
2010 – Paul Marinos
2009  Edmund Medley
2008 – John Clague
2007 – John Moylan
2006 – Jerry Higgins
2005 – Richard Iverson
2004 – Jeffrey R. Keaton
2003 – Chester “Skip” Watts
2002 – Perry H. Rahn
2001 – Robert J. Watters
2000 – Allen W. Hatheway
1999 – Mavis Kent
1998 – Thomas L. Holzer
1997 – Don U. Deere
1996 – J. David Rogers
1995 – Robert S. Yeats
1994 – James F. Quinlan
1993 – Roy J. Shlemon
1992 – Barry Voight
1991 – Ellis L. Krinitzsky
1990 – Robert L. Schuster
1989 – James E. Slosson