Edward B. Burwell Jr. Award

The Edward Burwell Jr. Award, established by the EEGD in 1968, honors the memory of one of the founding members of the Division and the first chief geologist of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This award is made to the author(s) of a peer-reviewed publication of distinction that advances knowledge concerning principles or practice of environmental and (or) engineering geology, or of related fields of applied soil or rock mechanics where the role of geology is emphasized. 

Nominated publications must be (1) in the field of environmental and (or) engineering geology or a closely related field and (2) published within the previous five years.

There are no restrictions as to the publisher or publishing agency of the nominated publication. The author(s) of the selected publication need not be a member(s) of the Environmental and Engineering Geology Division or of the Geological Society of America and need not be a resident(s) or citizen(s) of the United States.

Nominations for the Edward B. Burwell Award are due on 1 February. To nominate a publication, please send a nomination letter (2-page maximum) addressed to the E.B. Burwell Jr. Award Committee and, if available, a copy of the publication. Send these documents to Wendy Zhou (wzhou@mines.edu) by 1 February with the email Subject “E.B. Burwell Jr. Award Nomination.” Nominations that do not meet the deadline cannot be considered.

Edward B. Burwell Jr. Recipients


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