How to Log In


Easy as 1-2-3 ...

How to log in for the first time:

  1. Click on the purple button on the right side of the header that says, “Sign In”.

  2. You will be taken to GSA's single-sign-on page.
    If you are a current or past member of GSA,
    you already have an account - all you have to do is activate it.

    To activate:
    Click "Forgot Password?"
    Enter your member ID and submit.
    We’ll send a link and instructions to the email address associated with your account.
    If you do not know your Member ID, click here, or contact GSA.
    Your member ID is also your default username. Once you are logged in, you can update your username to whatever you wish by going to “My Profile > Edit Member Record / Password & Email Preferences”.

  3. Review the Terms of Use. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press “I Agree” (image at right) in order to access the site.

Welcome to the GSA Member Community!