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  • Groundwater Modeler, South Florida Water Management District

    West Palm Beach Administrative Headquarters (B2)


    Job Description

    The position of Groundwater Modeler is needed to develop and apply groundwater models to support water resource management decisions of the District in a technically defensible manner. This position requires rudimentary technical expertise, specifically with numerical simulation of groundwater and interaction with surface water and saltwater intrusion modeling.

    The Candidate will have basic proficiency for interpreting, organizing, executing, and coordinating assignments. Primary job duties include data review and compilation, use of Geographic Information System (GIS) applications to develop and review model input and output, downloading and QA/QC of hydrological data from the SFWMD DBHydro and RegDB databases or other sources, assisting in groundwater model development, calibration, verification, sensitivity analysis, documentation and model application on a sub-regional scale, but may also include developing statements of work and technical specifications for projects, contract management, and other duties as assigned. Familiarity with parameter estimation techniques and simulation of variable-density fluids is desirable.

    The position must possess knowledge of hydrogeologic principles and inter-relationships including all aspects of the hydrologic cycle, and basic experience with ground water model development and application is required. Knowledge of MODFLOW and SEAWAT computer codes is highly preferred, but applicants with limited experience in MODFLOW/SEAWAT but experience in other surface/groundwater flow and transport model codes will be considered. Familiarity with Microsoft Office products is required. Basic programming experience in either FORTRAN, C++, Python, or R and scripting languages is highly preferred. Strong technical writing and communications skills are necessary. The candidate is expected to work independently and in a team environment.
  • Hydrogeologist, South Florida Water Management District

    Hydrogeologist (All Levels Available)
    West Palm Beach Administrative Headquarters (B2)

    Job Description

    The Hydrogeology Unit seeks to hire a hydrogeologist and is interested in candidates that have various levels of experience from entry-level to senior. Employment guidelines for each level are listed below. Based on the position level, the candidate will have varying levels of technical responsibility for interpreting, organizing,
    executing, and coordinating project assignments. Job duties, depending on the position level, include data review, planning
    regional investigations and interpretation of aquifer parameters from aquifer tests, uploading and QA/QC of hydrological data into the SFWMD DBHydro database, developing statements of work and
    technical specifications for projects, overseeing well drilling and aquifer testing, technical analysis which includes data reduction, synthesis and integration into the analysis and report preparation,
    and other field /office duties as assigned.


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