Student Research Grant Awards

Presentation of the 2021 Student Reaserch Grant Award to
Lindsey Aman (left picture on right), Mario Soriano (middle picture)
and Goabaone Ramatlapeng (right) by Christopher Gellasch (left and right picture on the left).                                              

Award Recipients

Year  Student Name  Project
School Name | Advisor
2022 Mohammad Khorrami Constraining groundwater change in Mexico City using GRACE and InSAR observations and elastic load models
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University | Dr. Manoochehr Shirzaei
2022 Olasunkanmi Olorunsaye Using grain size analysis to incorporate realistic hydraulic conductivity fields in beach groundwater flow models
University of Massachusetts Lowell | Dr. James Heiss
2022 Sarah Newcomb Seasonal patterns of stream flow and riparian plant water use sourcing across a dynamic non-perennial reach
Idaho State University | Dr. Sarah Godsey
Rice University | Dr. Mark Torres
2022 Julianna Martin Laboratory Experiments for Evaluation of Solute Transport with Construction of Backfill Aquifers in Restored Coal Mine Pits, Powder River Basin
University of Idaho | Dr. Jeff Langman
2021 Goabaone Ramatlapeng • Spatio-temporal controls on the chemical evolution of the Okavango River in the Okavango Delta in semi-arid
University of Delaware | Dr. Eliot Atekwana
2021 Lindsey Aman • Active layer controls on seasonal water storage in an arctic delta within talik lakes
West Virginia University | Dr. Chris Russoniello
2021 Ryan Threndyle • Impacts of sea-Level rise on contaminant loading from onsite wastewater treatment systems to groundwater and
coastal waters
Dalhousie University | Dr. Barrett Kurylyk
2021 Favour Epuna • Impacts of unconventional oil and gas drilling on water quality in rural area with mixed land uses
Syracuse University | Dr. Tao Wen
2020 Jacob Clyne • A dynamic water table and its impact on carbon cycling, redox, and soil respiration
The Ohio State University | Dr.  Audrey Sawyer
2020 Julia Cantelon • Seasonal and tidal dynamics of a small- island freshwater lens
Dalhousie University | Dr. Barret Kurylyk
2020 Kyungwon "Won" Kwak • Analyzing the conservative and reactive mixing between river water and groundwater along the banks of the Meghna river in Bangladesh, receiving arsenic-laden groundwater
Texas A&M University | Dr. Peter Knappett
2020 William A. Andrews • Identifying unknown sources of nitrate in two Central Illinois 
Illinois State University | Dr. Catherine O'Reilly 
2020 Jihyun Kim • The evolution of crustal paleofluids
University of Arizona | Dr. Jennifer McIntosh 
2019 Frank Marshall • Influences of living shorelines on hydrodynamics and sedimentation characteristics on the Intracoastal Waterway, Brunswick County, North Carolina
University of North Carolina- Wilmington | Dr. Lynn Leonard
2019 Valerie Voisin • Model-based estimates of brine flux into the Victoria Land Basin from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Northern Illinois University | Dr. Justin Dodd
2019 Allison Vincent • Tracking snow cover in the East River Watershed using remote sensing
Boise State University | Dr. Alejandro Flores
2019 Patience Bosompemaa • Nitrate transport in the unsaturated zone
Illinois State University | Dr. Eric W. Peterson
2019 Haley Talbolt-Wendlandt • Linking tree transpiration, seasonal water fluxes, and carbon storage in a maritime boreal forest
University of Maryland | Dr. Karen Prestegaard
2018 Mary Plauche • Stream Burial and Land Cover Influence on Nitrate Source and Concentration in Urban Streams in Northeast Ohio
Kent State University | Dr. Anne Jefferson
2018 Mark Huggins • Investigating Farm Related Sources of Arsenic in Connecticut Groundwater Utilizing DNA Gene Sequencing
University of Connecticut | Dr. Gary A. Robbins
2018 Deon Knights • Quantifying Nitrate Attenuation in a Coastal Freshwater Wetland
The Ohio State University |
Dr. Audrey Sawyer
2018 Amelia Nelson • Hydrologic controls on streamed microbiology and geochemistry in an alpine river
The Ohio State University |
Dr. Audrey Sawyer
2018 Devin Smith • Water cycling on cultivated land: an investigation of the two water worlds hypothesis in central Ohio
The Ohio State University |
Dr. Anne Carey
 2017  Inoka Peiris  • Monitoring of temporal variation in heavy metal concentration in drinking water in north-central Sri Lanka related to chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology
 University of Texas at Dallas | Dr. Thomas Brikowski
 2017  Kaitlin Salley  • Investigation of recharge flux to the High Plains Aquifer at Ehmke Playa in Lane County, Kansas
 University of Kansas | Dr. Randy Stotler
 2017  Tyler King  • Quantifying Thermal Importance of Hyporheic Exchange on Arctic River Temperatures
 Utah State University | Dr. Bethany Neilson
 2017  Kayla Lockmiller  • The urban water cycle: tracing municipal drinking water and wastewater inputs to urban streams and groundwater
 Saint Louis University | Dr. Elizabeth Hasenmueller
 2017  Christina Richardson  • Nutrient sources, transformations, and flux to the ocean: a study of the San Lorenzo River in central coastal California
 UC Santa Cruz | Dr. Adina Paytan
 2016  Ravindra Dwivedi  • Impact of the projected climate changes on mountain-block recharge processes: hydrological and chemical fluxes
 University of Arizona | Dr. Thomas Meixner
 2016  Dorothea Lundberg  • Duration and magnitude of changes in marsh hydrology due to Hurricane Sandy surges on ditched and unditched Atlantic coast marshes
 University of Maryland | Dr. Karen Prestegaard
 2016  DeAnna Laurel  • The influence of water storage and attenuation in beaver meadows on catchment scale water flux
 Colorado State University | Dr. Ellen Wohl
 2016  Nathan Young  •  Simulation of watershed-scale nitrate transport in fractured till using upscaled parameters obtained from till core
 Iowa State University | Dr. William Simpkins
 2016  Daniel Wilusz  •  Quantifying the influence of climate change on catchment transit times
 Johns Hopkins University | Dr. Ciaran Harman
 2015  Alec Gierzynski • Quantifying anisotropic effective permeability for the Columbia River Basalts 
 Northen Illinois now at Virginia Tech
 2015  Michael O Connor  Estimating hydrogeologic properties of the active layer  
 University of Texas Austin
 2015  Madelyn Percy • Pedogenesis in the tropics: The Galapagos as a natural laboratory  
 UNC Chapel Hill
 2015  Brady Ziegler • A mass balance approach to arsenic cycling in petroleum hydrocarbon plumes  
 Virginia Tech
 2015  Jonathan Reeves • Surface water-groundwater interaction: Modeling temperature and flow in a 3D seepage flume system 
 2014  Jason Nolan Anthropogenically Enhanced Mobilization of Naturally Occurring Uranium Impacting Drinking Water
 University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 2014  Amanda Pruehs • Hydrogeologic Interpretation of Bedrock Topography and Transmissivity Parameters: Investigating the Influence on Groundwater and Contaminant Model Performance
 Wayne State University
 2014  Md. Aminul Haque • Identification of Priority Areas for Wetland Restoration and Conservation: a Hydrogeochemical Study
 University of Manitoba
 2014  Mary Lusk • Molecular characterization and bioavailability of dissolved organic nitrogen in streams along an urbanization gradient
 University of Florida
 2014  Charlene King • Nanoparticle Transport in Groundwater and Tracer Applications
 Colorado State University
 2013  Scott Jasechko • Water resources and ecosystem growth at the source of the Nile River
 University of New Mexico
 2013  Zachary Munger • The role of biogeochemical processes in attenuating Mn from a hydropower dam tailrace
 Virginia Tech
 2013  Kristen Theesfeld • Optimization of Stream Restoration Parameters in an Agricultural to Urban Redevelopment
 Illinois State University
 2013  Brett Woelber • Soil and Energy Controls on Stream Recharge from Diurnal Snowmelt Events, Lost Horse Canyon, Bitterroot Mountains, MT
 University of Montana
 2012  Stephen Sellwod • Use of distributed temperature sensing to determine the influence of fracture flow in siliclastic bedrock aquifers 
 University of Wisconsin-Madison | Jean Bahr
 2012  Mitra Khadka • Radon (Rn-222) and Thoron (Rn-220) as hydrological tracers for quantifying river water and groundwater exchange in a karst system
 University of Florida | Jonathan Martin
 2012 Ryan Gordon

• Groundwater-surface water interactions in proglacial alpine meadows and their influence on downstream water resources in the semi-arid tropical Andes 

 Syracuse University |  Laura Lautz  
 2012 Amy Brown

• The influence of metal oxide precipitates on trace metal cycling in karst aquifers subject to periodic river water intrusion

 University of Florida | Jonathan Martin
 2011 Colleen Long • Remote Sensing of Sedimentary Recharge in the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada
 University of North Caroline - Chapel Hill | Tamlin Pavelsky
 2011 Daniel McInnis 

• Application of Borehole-to-Surface Electrical Resistivity Methods in Characterization of Coastal Hydrogeology

 University of Notre Dame | Steve Silliman
 2011 Mark Hausner • Inferring groundwater sources and mixing from microbial DNA
 University of Nevada-Reno | Scott Tyler 
 2011 Peter Zamora • Subsurface fate and transport of effluent from homes near the land-ocean interface
 University of Texas at Austin | Bayani Cardenas 
 2010 Occhi Marcie  Spatial and Temporal Variations in Groundwater Contributions to Storm Water Runoff in Urban Watersheds
 University of Maryland | Karen L. Prestegaard 
 2010 Chaudhary Kuldeep  Effects of grain shape on pore-scale fluid flow and solute transport
 University of Texas-Austin | Bayani Cardenas 
 2010 Dierauer Jennifer  Analyzing the Effectiveness of Levee Setbacks on Reducing Annual Flood Losses along the Middle Mississippi River, United States
 Southern Illinois University | Nicholas Pinter
 2010 Eastridge Emily  Arsenic speciation in aquifer sediments, West Bengal, India
 University of Kentucky | Alan E. Fryar
 2009 Neshyba-Bird Dolores  Using direct push electrical conductivity and geochemical profiling to map chloride migration in the Equus Beds aquifer
 Emporia State University | M.K. Schulmeister
 2009 Probasco Paul  Effects of riparian zone landscape on denitrification in groundwater near streams of the Eastern Shore of Virginia
 University of Virginia | Janet Herman
 2008 Brown Kyle  Sr Isotopes as a Tracer of Groundwater Mixing Between Agricultural Irrigation Waters and Regional Groundwaters in the Saddle Mountains Basalt Aquifer
 University of Arizona | Jen McIntosh
 2008 Page Nathan R.  A groundwater study in glacial till using ground penetrating radar: Glacier lakes ecosystems experimental site, Wyoming
 Colorado State University | Dennis Harry
 2008 Roy Moutusi  Flow paths of submarine groundwater discharge (SGD) and its relation to redox conditions in a subterranean estuary, Indian River Lagoon, Florida
 University of Florida | Jonathon B. Martin
 2008 Sawyer Audrey H.  The role of wood debris in the hydrology and energy budgets of stream-groundwater systems
 University of Texas - Austin | Bayani Cardenas
 2008 Villalobos-Aragon Alejandro  Using chromium stable isotopes to monitor reactive transport of Cr in Leon Valley, Mexico
 University of Texas - El Paso
 2007 Brown Kamala  Physical and Hydrological Characterization of the Clark Meadow, California
 Sacramento State University | Kevin Cornwell
 2007 Gower Drew B.  Seepage quantification and modeling of reservoir contribution to groundwater levels in the Nariarlé basin of Burkina Faso
 University of Wisconsin - Madison | Jean Bahr
 2007 Phillippe Jeff  Glacier Meltwater Contributions to the Upper Hood River, OR and a Model for Future Runoff
 Oregon State University | Anne Nolin
 2007 Venczel Rob Andrew  Historical Trends in Flow Dynamics and Flood Magnification, Tisza River, Hungary
 Southern Illinois University | Nicholas Pinter
 2007 Wong Corinne  Evaluating impacts of brush removal on recharge of a karst aquifer
 University of Texas - Austin | Jay Banner
 2006 Diesel Elizabeth  The Mobility of Arsenic Adsorbed to Particulates Within Agricultural Wetlands
 Virginia Tech | Madeline Schreiber
 2006 Moore Paul  Controls on Porosity Enhancement in Carbonate Island Karst
 University of Florida | Jon Martin
 2006 Shamsudduha, Mohammad  Mineralogical Profiling and Sediment Geochemistry of Arsenic Contaminated Alluvial Aquifers in the Ganges Floodplain of Bangladesh
 Auburn University | Ashrah Uddin
 2006 Silver Matthew  Seasonal Variability in Hyporheic Flow Beneath a Salmon Spawning Riffle, Lower American River
 California State University Sacramento | Tim Horner
 2005 Mancini Silvia • Tracking the Rate of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Contamination in Groundwater
 University of Tornoto | B. Sherwood Lollar
 2005 Newell Dennis  Hydrochemistry of Travertine-depositing Springs in the Rio Grande Rift
 University of New Mexico | Laura J. Crossey
 2005 Schwartz Benjamin  A Multi-Method Approach to Characterizing Sinkhole Hydrogeology and Recharge Mechanisms in Agricultural Settings
 Virginia Tech | Madeline Schreiber
 2004 Blainey Joan B.  Uncertainty in Coupled Interaction Between Surface and Saturated Hydrologic Processes
 University of Arizona
 2004 Fudge T. J.  Creating a Spatially Integrated Melt Water Input Model for Bench Glacier, Alaska
 University of Wyoming | Neil Humphrey
 2004 Mukherjee, Abhijit   Study of Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater and Fate of Arsenic Along a Regional Flow Path in the Western Bengal Basin, India
 University of Kentucky | Alan Fryer
 2004 Shultz Kelly N.  Hydrogeology Investigation of Pond Brook Metro Park and Twinsburg Park and Nature Preserve, Summit County, Ohio Pond Brook Metro Park and Twinsburg Park and Nature Preserve, Summit County, Ohio
 University of Akron | Ira Sasowsky
 2004 Zhang Liqiong  Study of Groundwater and Radioactive Solute Transport in the Aquifer of Yucca Mountain Using an Integrated Approach Radioactive Solute Transport in the Aquifer of Yucca Mountain Using an Integrated Approach.
 University of Nevada - Las Vegas | Michael J. Nicholl
 2003 Breier John A.  Understanding Ground-Water Flow and Distribution to Nueces Bay Estuary Using Sediment Resistivity Imaging and Radium Isotope Measurements.
 University of Texas Marine Sciences Institute, University of Texas | Henrietta N. Edmonds 
 2003 DeNovio Nicole M. • Colloid Mobilization and Composition in the Vadose Zone.
 University of Colorado | Joseph N. Ryan
 2003 Fisher Kayse • Morphometric Analysis of Sinkholes Using Satellite Imagery in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties, West Virginia
 University of West Virginia | Henry W. Rauch
 2003 Garner Terence • Characterization of Solute Transport in Fractured Crystalline Rocks
 University of Texas -Austin | John M. Sharp, Jr 
 2003 Liu Gaisheng  Modeling and Experimental Study of Contaminant Transport in Aquifers Containing Connected High-Conductivity Networks
 University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa | Chunmiae Zheng 
 2002 Asbury A. Brooke  Hydrological Modeling of the Hyporheic Response to Irrigation in Fall Chinook Salmon Spawning Areas
 Central Washington University |Carey Gazis, Lisa Ely, Graeme Aggett 
 2002 Bush Noel  Streambed Permeability and Water Chemistry Within the Hyporheic Zone of Streambed Gravels
  California State University-Sacramento | Timothy C. Horner
 2002 Chennault Jay W.  Influence of Glacial Meltwater on Discharge at Thunder Creek, North Cascades National Park, Washington
 Western Washington University | Robert Mitchell, Douglas Clark
 2002 Hill Sarah R.  The Physical and Geochemical Characterization of Oxygen Depleted Breathing Wells (ODBW) in Central Alberta
 University of Albert | Carl A. Mendoza
 2002 Root Tara L.  Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater in Southeast Wisconsin: Identifying Sources of Arsenic and Mechanisms Controlling Arsenic Release
 University of Wisconsin | Jean Bahr
 2001 Obrist Daniel  Influence of Fire and Subsequent Cheetgrass Invasion on the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Soil Water in the Rooting Zone of a Sagebrush Ecosystem
 University of Nevada - Reno | John A. Arnone III
 2001 Shi Mingjuan  Heterogeneity of Low-Permeability Stratified Units and Its Effects on Solute Transport
 University of Texas - Austin | John M. Sharp
 2001 Warner Nathaniel R.  Groundwater Contamination in Nepal: A Regional Comparison and Assessment of Controlling Site Characteristics
  Miami of Ohio University | Drs. Jonathan Levy, Todd Rayne (Hamilton College, NY)
 2001 Wineland Timothy R.   Hydrogeological, Geochemical and Geophysical Characterization of Alluvial Sediments for Implementation of Riparian Buffers in the Bear Creek Watershed
  Iowa State University | William W. Simplins
 2000 Carpenter Tracey L.  A Stable Isotope Evaluation of Non-Equilibrium Condensate from Atmospheric Water Vapor
  Arizona State University | L. Paul Knauth
 2000 Kearney Michelle L.  Rates and Pathways of Nitrate Attenuation in the Hyporheic Zone of a First-Order Mountain Stream
  University of New Mexico | Michael E. Campana
 2000 Kelly Susan E.  Characterizing Spatial and Temporal Variations in Baseflow
 Clemson University | Larry Murdoch
 2000 Mango Aaron J.  Tidally Induced Pressure Wave Propagation and Attenuation in an Unconfined Coastal Aquifer
 Florida State University | David Jon Furbish
 2000 Pfeiffer Shaili M.  Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction in a Floodplain Savanna Wetland
 University of Wisconsin - Madison | Jean M . Bahr
 2000 Wood Heather K.  Strontium Isotopes as Environmental Indicators of Mineral Weathering: A study of Interbedded Carbonates and Siliclastics of the Konza Prairie Long-Term Ecological Research Site, Northeastern Kansas
 University of Kansas | Gwendolyn L. Macpherson
 1999 James Elizabeth R.  Mantle-derived helium and carbon in groundwaters of the Oregon Cascades and implications for quantifying the volcanic carbon dioxide flux.
  University of Oregon | Michael Manga
 1999 Khorzadm Kaveh  Land Subsidence Along the Texas Gulf Coast Due to Oil and Gas Withdrawal.
  University of Texas-Austin | John M. Sharp, Jr.
 1999 McVay Liz  Geomicrobial Denitrifying and Nitrifying Characteristics of a Kansas Alluvial Aquifer Influenced by Ammonium and Nitrate.
  University of Kansas | Gwendolyn L. Macpherson
 1999 Schultheis Kristin A.  Mechanisms of Pesticide Transport to Surface Water at the Field Scale in a Dryland-Agricultural Region.
  Washington State University | Richelle Allen-King, Markus Flury, Jeff Smith
 1999 White Timothy Michael  Measuring effects of ecosystem disturbance on the geological sink for atmospheric CO2, studies in experimental ecosystems in New Hampshire.
  Washington State University | C. Kent Keller
 1998 Andress Robert   Nitrate fate and transport in groundwater within a Riparian Management System in central Iowa
  Iowa State University | Wm. Simpkins
 1998 Mehta Sunil  Determining the mechanism and extent of regional salinization in the Ogallala aquifer, Southern High Plains, Texas
  University of Kentucky | Alan E. Fryar, William Thomas
 1998 Nardini Remo  Use of geographic information systems in the analysis of grounwater chemistry and its relationships to lithology and land use, Loudon County, Virginia
  George Washington University | William S. Logan, Frederic R. Siefel, James Wright Horton, Jr.
 1998 Uliana Matthew M.  The influence of structural features on interbasin and regional groundwater flow in the southern salt basin and Toyah basin of west Texas
  University of Texas-Austin | John M. Sharp, Jr.
 1997 Hall Jenny M.  Nitrate Transport at the Geohydrologic Experimental and Monitoring Site (GEMS), Douglas County, Kansas
  University of Kansas
 1997 Lee Eung-Seok  Hydrochemical and Isotopic Study at Major Karst Springs in South-Central Indiana
 Indiana University - Bloomington
 1997 Rossman Anthony J.  Determining the Significance of the Autochthonous (Indigenous) Microbial Community in the Transport of Allochthonous (Invasive) Bacteria
 Miami University
 1997 Tsoflias Georgieos P.  • Use of Ground Penetrating Radar for the Characterization of Fractures in Geologic Formations and Their contribution to Fluid Flow
 University of Texas - Austin
 1996 Ames Rachel A. • Biodegradation of Atrazine in Subsurface Sediments From a Former Agricultural Chemical Dealership, Illinois
 Iowa State University
 1996 Helmke Martin F.  • Determination of Hydraulic Conductivity and Effective Fracture Porosity in Till From Large-Diameter, Undisturbed Core Samples
 Iowa State University
 1996 Montgomery William W.  • Groundwater Hydraulics and Slope Stability Analysis-Elements for Prediction of Shoreline Recession
 Western Michigan University
 1995 Nagorski Sonia Anita  • Metals Partitioning and Geochemical Controls at the Surface Water and Hyporheic Zone interface of a Stream with an Adjacent Highly Contaminated Floodplain
 University of Montana-Missoula
 1995 Schwab Alison Borden • The Use of Lithium Isotopes as a Hydrologic Tracer in a First-Order Stream
 University of Maryland - College Park
 1995 Tuccillo Mary Ellen • Iron and Manganese Dynamics in Surficial Aquifer Sediments and Groundwater
 University of Virginia - Charlottesville
 1995 Van Broekhoven, Norman G.  • The Rates, Sources and Mechanisms of Groundwater Recharge in Lobo Flat and Ryan Flat in Trans-Pecos, Texas
  University of Texas-Austin
 1994 Jones Ian C. • Geochemical Evolution of Groundwater in the Pleistocene Limestone Aquifer of Barbados, West Indies

  University of Texas-Austin

 1994 Schulmeister Marcia K. • Naturally Occurring Groundwater Nitrate: An Evaluation of Nitrate Degradation Mechanisms in Carbonate and Alluvial Aquifers
  University of Kansas
 1994 Swartz Robert John • Occurrence of Arsenic in the Kern Water Bank, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California
  California State University-Bakersfield
 1994 Tandon Vikas • The Vertical Component of Contaminant Transport in Groundwater Systems
  University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 1993 Altaman Susan J. • Transport of Nutrients in Groundwater Flowing Through Porous Media and Shallow Bedrock Beneath Farmland and Removal of Nutrients in the Riparian Zone
  Pennsylvania State University
 1993 Burman Sandee  Mathematical and Physical Scale for Determination of Ground Water Sensitivity to Surface Generated Contaminants
  University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
 1993 Hinton Marc J. • The Role of Groundwater Flow on Stream Discharge and Chemistry in Glacial Till Watersheds
  University of Waterloo
 1993 Mahler Barbara J. • Sediment-Contaminant Transport in Karst Terrains
  University of Texas-Austin
 1993 Srivastav, Piyush  • Wetlands’ Impact on Water Quality, in Sandhills of Nebraska
  University of Nebraska-Lincoln
 1992 Carey Anne E. • Salt Water Intrusion: Numerical Modeling of the Sharp Interface Problem
  University of Nevada-Reno
 1992 Gall Ivan K. • A Quantified Study of Vertical Stratification of 222Rn in Ground Water and Total U Content in Corresponding Strata of the Silurian Bedrock, SW
  Ohio Wright State University
 1992 Jarriel Jeff • Examination of 87Sr/86Sr Isotopic Ratios as a Tracer for Hydrograph Separation at a Maryland Coastal Plain Watershed
  University of Maryland-College Park
 1992 McKenna Thomas E. • Fluid and Heat Flow in Sedimentary Basins: Geologic and Hydrologic Constraints on a Thermal Anomaly in South Texas, Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin
  University of Texas-Austin
 1992 O'Connnel Michael E. • Use of Nitrogen Isotopes, CFC Dating Techniques and Multi Level Sampling (MLS) Methods to Identify and Monitor Geochemical Redox Gradients Associated with Denitrification in Shallow Groundwater Aquifers
 University of Maryland-College Park
 1992 Roger David B. • Hydrological Processes and Salt Flat Development on the Shorelands of Mono Lake, California
 University of California-Santa Cruz
 1991 Benedict, Michael, Foster, John  • Identification of Septic System Effluent in Ground Water by Deconvolution of Small Catchment Hydrochemistry
 University of Minnesota-Minneapolis
 1991 Field John • Towards an Accurate Model of Alluvial Fan Flooding
 University of Arizona 
 1991 Keith Karan S. • The Effect of Selected Chemical Pollutants on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Smectite, Palygorskite and Sepiolite Clay Blends
 Indiana University-Bloomington 
 1991 Phillips Teri R. (Smith) • The Relationship of Iron Bacteria Geochemistry to Trace Metal Distribution in an Acid Mine Drainage Stream, NE
 Kent State University 
 1991 Stuk Matt • Temporal Variations of Nitrogen in a Shallow Aquifer Impacted by Irrigated Agriculture. 
 Western Michigan University 
 1991 Young Robert A. • The Impact of Sea-Level Rise on the Coastal Wetlands in Pamlico and Albemarle Sounds, North Carolina: A Study of Wetland Dynamics
 Duke University
 1990 Cowdery Timothy K. • Glacier-Aquifer Interaction between the Des Moines Lobe and the Cambro- Ordovician Aquifer System, Northern Midwest U.S.
 University of Minnesota - Minneapolis
 1990 Donovan Joseph P. • Mass Dynamics and Paleohydrology of Holocene Groundwater-Dominated Lake Chains, Northern Great Plains
 Pennsylvania State University