Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers


The Student Volunteer program is now open for new sign-ups.

If you already registered for the Meeting as a Student Member, or registered early to save a spot on a Field Trip or in a Short Course before you signed up to volunteer, please contact Heather Clark at to have your registration switched to Student Volunteer. The registration fee will be refunded after the meeting. You will not be able to change your existing registration yourself.

GSA Student Members: help us out by volunteering to work at least ten hours at the meeting, and we'll help you out by covering the cost of your registration! See how the meeting works from the inside, and fill vital roles that help to make the meeting a success for everyone.

By signing up to volunteer, you are making a commitment to attend the meeting in-person and work on-site (with the exception of a few jobs that take place online before the meeting). All available jobs must be covered by a volunteer in order for the meeting to run well. Please do not take your commitment lightly. People are depending on you to be there!

GSA highly recommends and prefers that if you plan to attend Connects 2022 in-person, out of respect for others and our community, that you be FULLY VACCINATED against COVID-19 per CDC guidance. If you are not FULLY VACCINATED we ask that you join us in the Online Everywhere experience, and do not sign up to volunteer.