Students & ECP

Students & Early Career Professionals

Students converse at a round table.

GSA Connects 2022 offers compelling events to help you make new contacts, advance your career, and learn new skills.

From career workshops and mentoring opportunities to networking events, there are nearly endless opportunities that make GSA Connects 2022 valuable for students and early career professionals.

Before the Meeting

  • Plan ahead and find sessions and events to attend
  • Participate in pre-meeting events, mentoring opportunities, and webinars
  • Attend pre-meeting short courses and field trips
  • Apply for travel grants or the student volunteer program

At the Meeting

  • Take the next step with GeoCareers Programs
  • Deepen your roots with Campus Connection
  • Hone your skills at a workshop
  • Enjoy social and non-technical events
  • Network with potential employers

Student Volunteer Program

Earn free registration and get an insider's view of the meeting. If you would like to be a Student Volunteer, please sign up as a volunteer before registering for the meeting.

Learn more about volunteering

Travel Grants

GSA Sections, Divisions, and Associated Societies are ready to help you defray your costs for registration, field trips, travel, etc. Learn more about eligibility, deadlines and award amounts.


  • GeoCareers Day
    • Mon., 10 Oct., 10 a.m.–2 p.m. US$25.
    • Colorado Convention Center, Mile High Ballroom 1ABC
  • A Night at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science: A Reception for Students and Early Career Professionals
    • Sold Out
    • Tues., 11 Oct., 7–9:30 p.m. US$25.
    • Unwind, network with your colleagues, and visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Add this student and early career professional event to your registration. Space is limited.

Short Course Opportunities

This year several of our short courses offer special pricing for students, access to ebooks, scholarships, and employment and networking opportunities.

Short Courses by the Numbers

  • 5 online and 31 in person courses with an average price of $57;
  • 7 courses offer special pricing for students: geostatistical modeling (504), field safety (510), Paleobiology Database (513), science communication (521), ground penetrating radar (522), microscopy (526), and working with detrital geochronology data (529);
  • Some courses include free ebooks after you attend (512, 517) and one includes a complimentary 6-month license for GeoScene3D software (524).


A scholarship is available for late-stage graduate students and postdocs to learn how to integrate photogrammetry and global navigation satellite surveying into their field courses (511).

Employment/Networking Opportunities

Learn about employment and network with industry and government professionals in these courses: a sequence stratigraphy course led by Chevron (512) and a cave and karst course taught by National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management professionals (530).