Dr. Cheryl J. Hapke has decades of experience in studies of coastal geology and processes of coastal change as they relate to societal issues. She is presently the coordinator of the Florida Coastal Mapping Program and holds a research professorship at the University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science. She also runs a private consulting company: Integral Consulting. She earned her PhD in coastal geology from the University of California, Santa Cruz and spent over 20 years as a research scientist with the US Geological Survey before taking early retirement from federal service in 2019. Her expertise spans a variety of coastal geomorphic settings, including barrier islands, rocky coastlines, and carbonate coasts. She currently is focused on helping coastal communities with sea-level rise adaptation planning.

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Cheryl is looking forward to this next year of the lectureship and the opportunities to meet and speak to geology students and colleagues on topics that have interested her throughout her career. Please email any speaking requests to Cheryl Hapke to schedule a presentation between January 2021 and December 2021.

Her topics include:

  1. When Mountains Move Roads: Coastal Landslides and Highway Management: Big Sur, CA
  2. Large-scale Relationships of Beach Change, Seacliff Retreat, and Human Activities along the California Coast
  3. Human Influence on Large-scale Coastal Behavior: Evidence from the New England and Mid-Atlantic Coasts
  4. The Confluence of Storms, Geology, and People (and Politics): the Shifting Sands of Fire Island National Seashore
  5. Development of a Statewide Program for Coastal Mapping and Implications for Coastal Hazard Adaptation Applications