Carbon Offset Program

Carbon Offset Program

Airliner with contrails.

Carbon Offsets for Conference Attendees

To help conference attendees who are committed to making GSA Connects a sustainable event, the Geological Society of America will offer to conference attendees the option to purchase carbon offset credits for their travel to/from Denver.

Conference registration offers these round-trip options:

Carbon offset (air/auto travel within the U.S.) $4.00
Carbon offset (air travel from Canada or Central America) $6.00
Carbon offset (air travel from South America) $12.00
Carbon offset (air travel from U.K., Europe or Africa) $20.00
Carbon offset (air travel from Australia or Asia) $30.00

Carbon Offsets Make an Impact

Verified Offsets with Native Energy

The carbon offsets collected will go to an innovative program through Native Energy. An example of one of their programs is the Capricorn Ridge Project, which was the first wind project in the US to sell verified offsets under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS). Among the many benefits of this project is the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 160,000 metric tons yearly.

Each $2.50 increment offsets approximately one metric ton of CO2.