Lipman Student Research Grants

The Lipman Research Fund was established in 1993 and is supported by The Lipman Family Foundation.  The purpose of the fund is to promote and support graduate-student research in volcanology, petrology, geochemistry, and mineralogy. The presi­dent of the Lipman Family Foundation, Peter W. Lipman, was the recipi­ent of a GSA research grant in 1965, the 2004 GSA Distinguished Service Award, and the first MGPV Distinguished Geological Career Award in 2010.

Applying for a grant.
To be considered for a Lipman Graduate Student Research Grant, candidates should submit a research proposal to GSA’s Graduate Student Research Grants program.  Each year, GSA generally accepts proposals from 1 December through 1 February.  The proposals to be considered for a grant are forwarded to the Mineralogy, Geochemistry, Petrology, and Volcanology (MGPV) Division of GSA.  Criteria for selection by MGPV - how well the proposal integrates and depend on a range of geology (field) evidence that may be combined with lab work or modeling to answer the posed question or select the samples.  Will the study would make an important or interesting contribution.  Will the techniques to be used have a good chance of answering the question(s) posed.

 Make a contribution to the Lipman Fund online.

Awardees (1993-2022)


Lindsey Abdale, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC Canada, for her project Short-wave infrared spectroscopy of REE-bearing minerals from the Mount Grace extrusive carbonatite, southeastern British Columbia (Canada)  (description)

Brooke Benz, University of Missouri, Kansas City, Kansas City, MO, for her project Magma Storage Conditions at Askja Volcano, Iceland (description)

Mariana Berger, The Ohio State University, Hilliard, OH, for her project: Understanding the dominate processes influencing the calcium isotopic signature in cold seep barites from the Gulf of Mexico (description)

Sarah Brooker, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, for her project: Stable Isotope Composition as a Tracer of Ancient Subduction (description)

César Bucheli Olaya, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, for his project Understanding the interaction between magmatic processes, volatile budgets, and eruptive style in Central Andean volcanoes: constrains to the plumbing systems of Lascar and Uturuncu (description)

Weiming Ding, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN, for his project: A systematic investigation of stable cerium (Ce) isotope systematics and its potential application to reconstruction of paleoenvironmental conditions (description)

Joy Foluso, University of California, Davis, Davis, CA, for her project: The Investigation of the Concentration and Isotopic ratios of CO2 in fluids as a Proxy for Mantle Processes in Rifting  (description)

Elmer Gonzalez, University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, Cabo Rojo, PR, for his project: Identifying Ore Deposits in Puerto Rico by using Geochemistry of Surface Waters  (description)

Nanci Reyes Guzman, Miami University, Oxford, OH, for her project Initiation of the 2021 La Palma eruption: constraining the eruption trigger and timing by U-series disequilibria and olivine diffusion profiling  (description)

Alexander Holmwood, University of Nevada, Reno, Reno, NV, for his project Temporal evolution of the Majuba Hill Cu-(Sn) deposit, Pershing County, Nevada  (description)

Jessica Johnson, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, for her project Understanding Fluid-Rock Interactions in Skarn Development via Skarn Garnets in New Mexico and New York  (description)

Tess Johnson, East Carolina University, Vass, NC, for her project Constraints on subvolcanic magma plumbing system evolution from Crystal Size Distribution analysis of igneous groundmass  (description)

Nathaniel Lenhard, Missouri State University, Springfield, MO, for his project Geochemical Comparison of the Chasca Orkho Series and Magmatic Inclusions at Volcán Ollagüe, Central Volcanic Zone, Northern Chile (description)

Charles Lewis, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, for his project The Chaxas Volcanic Center: Revealing Protracted Magmatic Lifecycles in High-Flux Arc Settings (description)

Mary Macquistan, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada, for her project The origin of exotic barium silicate minerals in the Cordillera: Characterization and comparison of the Gun occurrence (Yukon Territory) and localities in California  (description)

Emily McQuarrie, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, for her project Using marine sediments off Grays Harbor to reconstruct deglaciation of the Puget Lobe of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet  (description)

Cissy Ming, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, for her project A tale of two reservoirs: Geochemical drivers impacting effectiveness of hypolimnetic oxygenation for manganese treatment  (description)

Venkata Sailaja Pappala, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, for her project Experimental determination of controls on lithium isotopic fractionation during water-vermiculite interactions in low temperature settings: Implication for continental silicate weathering (description)

Travis Parsons, State University of New York at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, for his project The first complete rheological map of basalt at emplacement conditions  (description)

Mollie Pope, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY, for her project Apatite as an indicator of water contents in magmatic source regions  (description)

Carli Schmidt, Northern Illinois University, Genoa, IL, for her project An experimental investigation of gold incorporation into bornite, intermediate solid solution (ISS), and pyrrhotite: Implications for constraining gold distribution in porphyry ore deposits  (description)

Ashley Thrower, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, for her project A new method for determining temperatures in geothermal systems: Application of intersector chemical zoning of tourmaline  (description)

Simin Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, for her project Effects of mineral substrates on authigenic clay precipitation in reverse weathering process  (description)


Bryce Brown, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM, for his project: Ra/Th Dating of Potassium Feldspar Crystals in Trachytes from the Las Cañadas Caldera, Tenerife, Spain (description)

Karoline Bruckel, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, for her project: What triggers supereruptions? Insights into the remobilization of silicic magma systems from quartz melt channels (description)

Watsawan (Fai) Chanchai, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, for her project: A Carbonate Multi-Proxy Reconstruction of Oceanic Oxygenation during the Basal Cambrian Carbon Isotope Excursion (BACE) (description)

Kristi Dobra, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, for her project: Using Barium Isotopes to Trace Oil and Gas Produced Water in Sediment (description)

Alyssa Endrich, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, for their project: Petrogenesis of Cenozoic Basalts from the Centennial Valley and vicinity, southwest Montana (description)

Yihang Fang, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, for her project: The role of dissolved silica in the formation of sedimentary dolomite: evidence from the Silurian Burnt Bluff Formation, Wisconsin (description)

Samuel Grandy, California State University Sacramento, Sacramento, CA, for his project: Late Miocene-Pliocene Volcanism in the Sierra San Francisco, Central Baja California Peninsula, Mexico: Implications for Mantle Processes and Regional Tectonic Development (description)

Jaclyn Hager, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, for her project: Using anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility (AMS) to determine the flow characteristics of a pyroclastic density current (description)

Mckenna Holliday, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, for her project: Geochemical characterization of clinker profiles in Custer National Forest, Montana. (description)

Abigail Martens, University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, for her project: Pre-eruptive crystallization conditions in the past 25 Ma at Martinique Island as revealed by textural and chemical variation in phenocrysts. (description)

Julia McIntosh, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX, for her project: Measuring stable and radio isotopes of clay minerals from Pennsylvanian-aged paleosols to assess diagenetic mechanisms in the Illinois Basin (description)

Dana Mineart, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, for her project: Constraining continental emerges: Proterozoic ocean crust as a record of seawater isotopes (description)

Alireza "Ali" Namayandeh, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, VA, for his project: Impact of oxyanion surface complexes mode and strength on the nucleation and growth of goethite and hematite during ferrihydrite transformation (description)

Samuel Oxhorn, University of Georgia, Athens, GA, for his project: Western Aleutian Volcanism; Differentiation of Holocene Kiska Magmas (description)

Natalie Packard, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, MI, for her project: Determining the temperature dependence of triple oxygen isotope fractionation during acid digestion of carbonate minerals (description)

Emily Persinger, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO, for her project: Using remote sensing to predict nutrient pollution events associated with the suspended load for the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers (description)

Amy Plechacek, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ann Arbor, MI, for her project: Assessing radium leaching potential from stratigraphic units within the Midwestern Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer system (description)

Calli Provenza, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK, for her project: Hydrothermal Source Proxy Using Noble Metals (description)

Mark Radwin, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, for his project: Extreme diagenesis and chemical evolution in southwest Australia: observations from mineralogy (description)

Gabriela Ramirez, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, MO, for her project: Platinum-Group Element Concentrations in Tropical Lake Sediments in the Exploration of Nickel Laterite Deposits (description)

William "Bo" Ward IV, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, for his project: Reconstructing changes in precipitation triggered by ancient global warming (description)

Nitzan Yanay, The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, for his project: Weathering of Himalayan carbonates, the marine 87Sr/86Sr record and implications for Cenozoic cooling (description)

Qin Zhang, University of Calgary, Calgary, AZ, Canada, for her project: Experimental Determination of Glauconite Carbonation Kinetics (description)

Simin Zhao, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, for her project: The effects of Fe2+ concentration on the early diagenesis of biogenic silica in reverse weathering (description)


Leye” Oyeleye Adeboye, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA for his proposal: Evaluation of Saturate and Aromatic Fraction Biomarkers in the Mississippian Limestone in an Area of the Anadarko Shelf of Oklahoma (description)

Molly Anderson, University of Florida, for her project: Petrogenesis of the 8° 20' N Seamount Chain: Modeling Mantle Heterogeneity and Melting in the near-ridge environment  (description)

Marisa Barefoot, Auburn University, for her proposal: Puerto Rico’s Iron Deposits: Developing a Genetic Model through Field Observations and Geochemical Analyses (description)

Robert Bogue, McGill University, for his project: Carbon isotopes in tree rings reveal history of volcanic CO2emissions at a reawakening volcano in Peru  (description)

Meredith Cole, State University of New York at Buffalo, for their project: Vent Morphology and Evolution at Grizzly Peak Caldera, CO (description)

Lissie Connors, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR for their project: Assessing Magma Storage and Volatile Fluxes in the Nyiragongo Volcanic Field  (description)

Connor Frederickson, Utah State University, for his project: Fingerprinting paleo-groundwater sources using oxygen isotopes of hematite concretions from the “Boiler Room”, Moab area, Utah  (description)

Lisa Hlinka, The Graduate Center, CUNY, New York, NY for her project: Constraining Timescales of Magma Storage and Ascent, and Potential Climate Impacts of the Columbia River Flood Basalt Volcanism (description)

Allison Huisa, Northern Arizona University, for her project: Understanding High Silicic Rhyolite Storage and Duration in a Dominantly Mafic Intracontinental Volcanic Setting  (description)

Junyao Kang, Virginia Tech, for his project: Reconstructing Redox Conditions of Tonian (ca. 1,000–720 Ma) Oceans (description)

Jacob Klug, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for his project: Magma mixing and explosive eruptions at Planchon-Peteroa Volcano, Chile revealed through minerals and melt inclusions  (description)

Julia McIntosh, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX for her project: Assessing the silicon isotopic composition of clay minerals from paleosols as proxies for illitization and reconstructing paleoenvironments  (description)

Carolyn Mullins, New Mexico State University, for her project: Provenance Analysis of a Modern Drainage Basin with Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (description)

Yon-Gyung Ryuh, University of Waterloo, for her proposal: Bromine isotope compositions of Silurian Salina salts in the Michigan and the Appalachian basins (description)

Rachelle Sanchez, Miami University of Ohio, Oxford, OH for her proposal: Causes of Chemical Variations in Monogenetic Eruptions: The Magmatic Evolution of Xitle Volcano, Mexico  (description)


Kirkland Broadwell, Virginia Tech, for his proposal: Constraining the timing and conditions of collision in the central Appalachians using garnet-allanite-monazite petrochronology  (description)

Richard Chow, Dalhousie University, for his proposal: Characterizing the variation of kimberlitic apatite within kimberlite bodies and determining the partition coefficients between apatite and trace elements in kimberlitic melts: implications on kimberlite modelling  (description)

Seth Coursey, Northern Illinois University, for his proposal: Cobalt solubility and partitioning in hydrothermal systems (description)

Rose Gallo, Northern Arizona University, for her proposal: Correlating the proximal and distal facies of the Campanian Ignimbrite for stratigraphic reconstruction and process modelling (description)

Brenna Halverson, University of Missouri, Columbia, for her proposal: Correlation of lava flow characteristics with rheological properties in flows with high discharge rates, using the well preserved 1961 Vikraborgir Lava Flow in Iceland (description)

Coleman Hiett, Utah State University, for his proposal: Geochemical tracers of volatile transfer above an ancient flat-slab subduction zone: Insight from stable isotopes (δ18O, δ2H, δ13C) in Altiplano xenoliths  (description)

Jordan Lubbers, Oregon State University, for his proposal: Utilizing NanoSIMS to Investigate the High-Resolution Thermal History of the Cerro Galan magmatic System (description)

Alex Maruszczak, University of South Florida, for his proposal: Characterizing Early Slab Input in the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Forearc through Li Isotopes (description)

Suzanne Mulligan, University of Las Vegas Nevada, for her proposal: Applications and Limitations of Raman-inclusion barometry (description)

Tyler Schlieder, University of California, Davis, for his proposal: Thermal and chemical ‘resetting’ of crystal records in a large silicic magmatic system following caldera collapse, Taupo Volcanic Center, New Zealand (description)

Jesse Scholpp, Utah State University, for his proposal: Magma Mingling During Subduction Initiation: Chemical and Physical Processes (description)

Marie Takach, Oregon State University, for her proposal: Documenting Magma Mixing Processes and Timescales in Tephra Fall Deposits: El Misti Volcano, Peru (description)

Jennifer Thines, University of Iowa, for her proposal: Timescales of large-volume silicic magma generation revealed by geothermometry and diffusion chronometry (description)

Karissa Vermillion, New Mexico State University, for her proposal: The potential of sanidine isotopes and trace elements as geochemical tracers for distal volcanic deposits (description)

Dani Vitarelli, New Mexico State University, for her proposal: Eruptive volume and energy estimates from Kilbourne Hole, southcentral New Mexico (description)


Aaron Ashley, University of South Carolina, for his proposal: The Effects of Carbonatitic Metasomatism on the Water Systematics of the Lithosphere (description)

Roy Bassoo, Baylor University, for his proposal: The residual pressure of zircon-hosted mineral inclusions of the Lava Creek Tuff, Yellowstone caldera: A Raman Spectroscopic Study (description)

Kadie Bennis, University of Missouri-Kansas City, for her proposal: Field and experimental analysis of sediment-magma mingling at the 71 Gulch Volcano in the western Snake River Pain, Idaho, USA (description)

Melissa Chambers, California State University-Fullerton, for her proposal: Tracking magma mixing through single mineral analysis of megacrystic K-feldspar (description)

Shoshauna Farnsworth-Pinkerton, Louisiana State University, for her proposal: Deciphering the chemical signature of tourmalinites using multivariate statistics of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy: Determining the environment of formation (description)

Justine Grabiec, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, for her proposal: Origin of K-Feldspar Megacrysts in Granite: A 3D Tomographic Study (description)

Lisa Grohn, University of Rochester, for her proposal: Petrogenesis and eruptive history of xenolith-bearing magmas in the north Andean volcanic zone: insight for lower-crust processes in active continental arcs (description)

Rachel Hampton, University of Oregon, for her proposal: Oxygen Isotope Analysis and U-Th dating of zircons from the Krafla Central Volcano: An insight into the formation of rhyolites in basaltic environments  (description)

Antonio Luna, University of South Florida, for his proposal: Subduction Recycling in the South China Sea – Luzon Arc system: characterization of sedimentary and ocean crustal materials recovered during IODP Expeditions 349, 367, and 368 (description)

Samuel Mitchell, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, for his proposal: The evolution of volatiles preceding and during deep submarine silicic eruptions (description)

Bryant Platt, California State University-Fresno, for his proposal: Does Mafic Recharge Control Eruption Timing? A Thermobarometric Test from Brokeoff Volcano, Lassen Volcanic Center, California

Jacob Setera, Rutgers University, for his proposal: Constraining the mid-temperature thermal and hydrothermal history of the Bushveld Igneous Complex: Insights from apatite U-Pb geochronology (description)

Lorenzo Tavazzani, Southern Methodist University, for his proposal: Miocene granitic intrusions and eruptive centers of the Colorado River Extensional Corridor (AZ, NV), a window into the plumbing system of rhyolitic calderas. (description)

Samantha Tramontano, City University of New York, for her proposal: Eruption trigger mechanisms at arc volcanoes with century-long repose periods (description)

Erin Wales, California State University-Northridge, for her proposal: The Role Of Magmatic Scapolite In Recording The Volatile Cycle Of The Lower Crust (description)

Kellie Wall, Oregon State University, for her proposal: Localization, longevity, and compositional diversity of intermediate magmatism in the Cascade arc: insights from the Goat Rocks volcanic complex (description)


Katie Ardill, University of Southern California, for her proposal: Investigating the 'missing link' in plutonic-volcanic systems (description)

Jade Bowers, Oregon State University, for her proposal: Investigating the link between an active stratovolcano and a long-lived supervolcano in Sumatra, Indonesia  (description)

Emily First, University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, for her proposal: Mg diffusion in plagioclase: Insights from experiments on natural volcanic material (description)

Michael Mohr, Boise State University, for his proposal: Chevkinite: A Petrochronometer Sensitive to Pre-Eruptive Magma Dynamics (description)

Mackenzie Taylor, Miami University, for her proposal: A Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM) Investigation of the Texture and Mineralogy of Macrocrystalline Gold from Type 4 Ore from Round Mountain, Nevada  (description)


Olivia Barbee, Michigan Technological University, for her proposal: Plutons and ignimbrites: Textural and geochemical perspectives on magma reservoir dynamic

Zoe Braden, Queens University, for her proposal:  In situ laser ablation 40Ar/39Ar geochronology of polydeformed low-grade volcaniclastic rocks from the Variscan orogen

Matthew Dunlop, University of Wyoming, for his proposal:  Platinum Isotope Characteristics of Pt-bearing Ore Deposits and Genetic Implications

Joana Voigt, The University of Arizona, for her proposal: Studying the emplacement history of the 2014-2015 Holuhraun eruption in Iceland


Katie Ardill, University of Southern California, for her proposal: Formation of Schlieren Bands Bounding Magmatic Structures: Exploring Magmatic Differentiation Processes in Plutons

Catherine Armstrong, University of British Columbia, for her proposal: Isotopic and Trace Element Fingerprinting of the Enriched Component in the Hawaiian Mantle Plume

Lauren Harrison, University of British Columbia, for her proposal: Fe-Mn Crusts on Northwest Hawaiian Ridge Basalts: A Potential Contaminant?


Emily Devers, Northern Illinois University, for her proposal: An examination of the reactivity of CO2 in the Earth's Mantle


Madison L. Myers, University of Oregon, for her proposal: Volatile fluxes within large ignimbrite storage centers: a case study of San Juan Volcanism


Jenni Hill, Texas Christian University, for her proposal: Phreatomagmatic Eocene Basaltic Volcanism in the Trans-Pecos Igneous Province of West Texas


Mark Stelten, University of California at Davis, for his proposal: Assessing the modern structure of the magmatic system of at Yellowstone caldera, WY through U-series crystal ages, Hf-isotopes, and


Sarah A. Bromley, Oregon State University, for her proposal: Sub-arc Mantle Reservoirs Through Time in Cascadia


Duane Smythe, University of Toronto, for her proposal: Experimental Study on Zircon/Melt Partitioning of Trace Elements


Alicja Wypych, Miami University, for her proposal: Source and process controls on mid-Miocene silicic volcanism in northern Nevada and southeastern Oregon, USA


Daniele McKay, University of Oregon , for her proposal: Explosive basaltic eruptions in arc and backarc settings


Celestine Mercer for her proposal: University of Oregon, for her proposal: Textural characterization of dike samples from a hydrous basaltic andesite stratovolcano: constraints on magma ascent and eruption style.


Christyanne Melendez for her proposal: Debris avalanche event on an isolated rhyolitic dome, Cerro Pizarro, Mexico: Comparative study between small and large scale events


Madalyn Blondes, Yale University, for her proposal: Temporal-compositional trends in single-eruption sequences of the Big Pine Volcanic Field, California


Renee-Luce Simard, Dalhousie University, for her proposal: A Key to Understanding the Pre-Accretion Evolution of Ancient Pacific Margin of North America


Christian S. de Fontaine, Northern Arizona University, for his proposal: Late Quaternary Distal Tephra in Lacustrine Sediments of the Upper Cook Inlet, Alaska: Implications for Magnetic Susceptibility, Sample-Site Selection and Tephrochronology

Carrie A. Menold
, University of California-Los Angeles for her proposal:  Metamorphism and Exhumation Mechanism of UHP Eclogites, North Qaidam, China


Jose L. Arce, Univ. Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, for his proposal: Eruptive Dynamics and Possible Triggering Mechanisms During the Last Major Plinian Eruption at Nevado de Toluca Volcano, Central Mexico

Darin C. Snyder, Miami University, for his proposal: Magma Chamber Processes and Timescales: An Isotopic Investigation of the Agua de Pao Volcano, Sao Miguel, Azores


Leigh Justet, University of Nevada ­Las Vegas for her proposal: Assessing the Role of Basalt Injection in the Geo­chemical Evolution of the Jemez Volcanic Field, New Mexico.

Jorge A. Vazquez, University of Cali­fornia-Los Angeles for his proposal: Chronology of Magma Chamber Pro­cesses in the Yellowstone Caldera System using Ion Microprobe Analysis.

Jennifer M. Wenner, Boston University for her proposal: The Role of High-Silica Granites in the Sierra Nevada Batholith as End Members in a Mixing Process that Generates Average Continental Crust.

William H. Peck, University of Wisconsin, Madison for his proposal: Empirical Calibration of Oxygen Diffu­sion Rates in Zircon.

James Rogers, University of Oregon for his proposal: The Explosive/Effusive Transition in Small Sili­cic Eruptions.
Kurt A. Shoemaker, Miami University for his proposal: Quantification of the Lithospheric and Sublithospheric Con­tributions to Northwestern United States Basaltic Volcanism.

Kelly Boland, University of Nevada, Las Vegas for her proposal: The Petro­genesis of Andesites During Regional Crustal Extension.

Julia G. Bryce, University of California, Santa Barbara, for her proposal: A Win­dow into Magma Extrusion Mechanisms in Caldera­Forming Eruptions: The Boulder City Cauldron, Eldo­rado Mountains, Southeastern Nevada

Kristin T. Huysken, Michigan State University, for her proposal: Time Con­straints on the Origin and Evolution of the limber Mountain Magmatic System: An Early History Recorded in the Pre-Caldera-Collapse Tephra.