Special and Late-Breaking Sessions

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Adieu to the Anthropocene? Debating the Formality of Geologic Time in the Face of Accelerating Changes in Earth Processes

Endorser: GSA Geochronology Division
Discipline: Geomicrobiology, Geochronology
Advocates: Brad E. Rosenheim, Tiffany Rivera, Elizabeth Neispolo, Robin Trayler

Over the last few decades, the term “Anthropocene” has become entrenched in scientific literature, popular publications, and even conversational vernacular. This session seeks presentations that assess the role of the term “Anthropocene” in our field after a formal decision to not include it as an official division of geologic time.

Beyond the Degree: Making an Impact with Geology

Endorser: GSA Geoscience Education Division
Discipline: Geoscience Education
Advocates: Kathryn Murdock; Scott Burns; Jennifer Nocerino

This session presents students and faculty information on what is required for a career outside of academia, how academic departments can assist students, and personal stories and career tips from a diverse group of industry, consulting, and government geologists.

Exploring Earth: Integrating Geosciences Across the K-12 Curriculum

Endorsers: National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT), National Association of Geoscience Teachers (NAGT) K-12 Committee
Discipline: Geoscience Education
Advocate: Nancy M. Chen

This session aims to empower K-12 educators by showcasing existing curriculum resources and fostering partnerships with scientists to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge research into lesson plans, either by adapting existing materials or creating new ones.

Twenty-Five Years of GSA Section Mentoring Programs: The Successes, the Challenges, and the Future

Endorsers: GSA Geoscience Education Division, GSA Soils and Soil Processes Division
Discipline: Geoscience Education
Advocates: Roy Shlemon; Robert Sydnor

Celebrating 25 years of GSA Section Mentoring Program success, we welcome and encourage those Mentors and Mentees who have participated in these programs to submit abstracts about their experiences and recommendations, and briefly relate their mentoring experiences.