Special Lectures

Special Lectures

Attend these special lectures and engage with big ideas in geoscience.

Presidential Address

Sunday, 22 Sept., Noon–1:30 p.m.

Christopher (Chuck) M. Bailey

GSA Presidential Address

Christopher (Chuck) M. Bailey Acting President (July 2024–Dec 2024)


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2024 Michel T. Halbouty Distinguished Lecture

Tuesday, 24 Sept., 12:15–1:15 p.m.

Lawrence Meinert

Limits to Growth—Revisiting Concepts of Natural Resource Scarcity, Supply Chains, and Sustainability

Lawrence Meinert, 2024 Michel T. Halbouty Distinguished Lecturer


As we transition to a green economy there is increasing focus on the sustainability and environmental consequences of the use of natural resources. Energy and mineral resources are literally the building blocks of modern civilization and are critical to emerging issues such as climate change and environmental justice. One cannot address efforts to de-carbonize the world economy without considering the resulting increased need for critical mineral resources such as copper, lithium, and rare earth elements. In fact, most nations now have official lists of critical minerals deemed essential for meeting society’s requirements. The world is changing—in the previous three years China consumed more concrete than the US did in more than a century, and supply chain disruptions are now part of daily life. How do we understand these shifts and meet future needs? Dr. Meinert is uniquely positioned to address these important resource issues based on a lifetime of academic, industry, and government leadership.