Technical Sessions

A single presenter speaks at a podium in a conference setting.

GSA Connects 2024 offers a host of opportunities for technical learning and collaboration. Topical sessions, Pardee Keynote Symposia, special sessions, and wide-ranging Discipline sessions supply the perfect venues to present your research and learn about others’.

Explore the Meeting Themes

Two themes were selected to help drive the presentation of dynamic, forward-looking science at GSA Connects 2024. Learn more about each theme.

Water in Our Changing World

Water, the lifeblood of our planet, is facing unprecedented challenges due to climate change.

From the findings of the International Governmental Panel on Climate (IGPC) to the real-world impacts we observe daily, it's clear that our water resources are at risk. With extreme weather events intensifying and over a billion people without access to safe drinking water, the situation is dire. GSA's 2024 Connects theme "Water in Our Changing World" aims to address this crisis head-on, bringing together the brightest minds in the field to discover innovative, sustainable solutions.

Life Along an Active Margin

This theme focuses on the dynamic, tectonically active regions where geology is in constant flux. This theme explores the challenges of living in areas marked by shifting terranes, dramatic mountain formations, and frequent geological hazards like earthquakes and landslides. It underscores the importance of geological knowledge in urban planning and sustainability. The meeting will serve as a platform for discussing the unique geological processes, biodiversity, and abundant natural resources of these regions, and will feature sessions and field trips highlighting the distinctive landscapes and tectonics of Southern California.