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Subsidized Meeting Travel for Student Rep & Field Trip Registration for Student Members!

As of 2018, the Geoarchaeology Division management board has decided to subsidize the registration fee for the earliest registrants for our division field trip who are Geoarchaeology Division Student Members. As of 2019, we've also resolved to subsidize travel costs to the Annual Meeting for our elected Student Representative. 

Social Media

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Poster Presentations

If you have never put together a scientific poster presentation before, it can seem like a rather daunting task. Check out these resources on effective poster making and assessment!

Student Advisory Committee Seeks Your Help!

The Student Advisory Committee of the Geoarchaeology Division is a good way to become involved with your discipline. The committee is still in the formative stages and we’re looking for students who want to serve and share their ideas. We can especially use help with PR, marketing, social media, and recruitment for membership in the Division. 

As the future leaders of GSA, students need to stay active in the society and have a voice in the decisions that affect its long-term development and goals. Becoming part of Geoarchaeology Division leadership is a great way to start getting involved, learn how the society works, and make your voice heard!

If you’re interested in joining the committee or have suggestions for topics you’d like to see addressed by the officers, please contact Justin Holcomb

Contribute to the Division Newsletter & Hype Your Research

A crucial objective of the Division is to promote scientific communication and collaboration between its members. Students are an important part of the scientific community and our contributions are valuable and strongly encouraged. The Division newsletter has a “Notes from the Field” section and student members are encouraged to submit research descriptions.

Come to the annual meeting & present, network, learn, & explore!

Participation in meetings is a good way to present your research and get some feedback from your peers. If the cost of attending these meetings is prohibitive (often the case for students on a tight budget), there is funding available to alleviate strain. The Geoarchaeology Division offers the Hay Award, a competitive student travel grant to present a poster or paper at the annual GSA meeting. Each of the GSA sections offers financial assistance to student members to attend both the GSA annual meeting and regional meetings. Your academic department and institution may also provide travel support to meetings in which you are participating. Another option is to consult the student government at your university and ask about establishing a student interest group. Once they’re officially recognized by the university, these groups are often eligible for an annual budget (paid in part out of your student activity fees) that can be used to help defray the costs of attending conferences.