Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award

Nomination deadline is
15 February every year.


The Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the interdisciplinary field of geoarchaeology in honor of George "Rip" Rapp, Jr. Rip was one of the primary individuals responsible for establishment of the division and generously established a division award fund with the GSA Foundation.


The Division requests nominations for its annual Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award. Nominations should be sent to and should include a biographical sketch, a statement of outstanding achievements, a selected bibliography and/or CV for the nominee, and up to four letters of support.

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Recipients of the Rip Rapp Archaeological Geology Award

Year Award Recipient* Citationist Annual Meeting
2024 Anaheim, CA
2023 Arlene Miller Rosen Sheryl Luzzadder-Beach & Timothy Beach Pittsburgh, PA
2022 David K. Wright  Steven Forman Denver, CO
2021 Joseph Schuldenrein Michael Aiuvalasit Portland, OR
2020 Gail Ashley Lisa Park Boush online
2019 Kathleen Nicoll Brenda Buck Phoenix, AZ
2018 Gary Huckleberry Vance T. Holliday Indianapolis, IN
2017 Panagiotis (Takis) Karkanas Paul Goldberg Seattle, WA
2016 Daniel H. Sandweiss Fred Andrus Denver, CO
2015 Francis (Frank) H. Brown Thure Cerling & Richard Klein Baltimore, MD
2014 William R. Dickinson David Killick Vancouver, BC
2013 William I. Woods William E. Doolittle & Erich W. Zimmermann Denver, CO
2012 John W. Weymouth Mark Lynott & Rinita Dalan Charlotte, NC
2011 Don G. Wyckoff Stance Hurst Minnapolis, MN
2010 Ervan G. Garrison Scott Pike Denver, CO
2009 Richard I. Macphail Paul Goldberg Portland, OR
2008 E. Arthur Bettis, III Rolfe D. Mandel Houston, TX
2007 Norm Herz Scott Pike & Erv Garrison Denver, CO
2006 Peter Mehringer Gary Huckleberry & Vance Haynes Philadelphia, PA
2005 C. Reid Ferring Rolfe Mandel Salt Lake City, UT
2004 Michael R. Waters Steve Forman Denver, CO
2003 Rolfe Mandel Art Bettis Seattle, WA
2002 Paul Goldberg Rolfe Mandel Denver, CO
2001 Bruce Gladfelter Curtis E. Larsen Boston, MA
2000 Richard Hay Gail Ashley Reno, NV
1999 Julie Stein Bill Farrand Denver, CO
1998 Vance T. Holliday Eileen Johnson Toronto, Canada
1997 Tjeerd H. van Andel Kevin Pope Salt Lake City, UT
1996 Larry D. Agenbroad Jim I. Mead Denver, CO
1995 John P. Albanese George C. Frison New Orleans, LA
1994 Jack Donahue Julie K. Stein Seattle, WA
1993 Donald L. Johnson Daniel R. Muhs Boston, MA
1992 Fekri A. Hassan C. Reid Ferring Cincinnati, OH
1991 Henry P. Schwarcz Bonnie A. Blackwell San Diego, CA
1990 David Moody Hopkins Robert M. Thorson St. Louis, MO
1989 H.E. Wright, Jr. (Herbert) William R. Farrand & Julie K. Stein Dallas, TX
1988 Claude C. Albritton, Jr. & Glenn L. Evans C. Reid Ferring & Vance Holliday Denver, CO
1987 John Christian Kraft John A. Gifford Phoenix, AZ
1986 William R. Farrand Julie K. Stein San Antonio, TX
1985 Karl W. Butzer Fekri A. Hassan Orlando, FL
1984 C. Vance Haynes, Jr. Claude C. Albritton, Jr. Reno, NV
1983 George R. (Rip) Rapp, Jr. John C. Kraft Indianapolis, IN

* as name appeared on certificate