The Chair is responsible for coordination of all activities of the division. At the Annual meeting, he or she presides over the Management Board meeting and the Business-Awards Ceremony meeting. The Chair serves as a division Joint Technical Program Committee representative. The term of office is two years, with the chair transition occurring during the annual division business meeting.

Scott Pike
Departments of Environmental Science & Archaeology
Willamette University
Salem, OR  97301

The Past Chair attends the Management Board meeting and serves in an advisory role. The term of office is two years.

Sam Krause
Department of Geography
Texas State University
San Marcos, TX 78666

The Vice-Chair has the primary charge of organizing the division’s symposia and theme sessions at the Annual Meeting one year in advance. The vice-chair also serves as a division Joint Technical Program Committee representative. The term of office is two years, with the assumption of the Chair position taking place during the annual division business meeting.

C. Fred T. Andrus
Department of Geological Sciences
University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

The Secretary-Treasurer coordinates communications among the various officers and GSA Headquarters, monitors Division expenditures, and prepares minutes from the Business Meeting. The term of office is two years.

Rebecca Taormina
Department of Math & Science
National Park College
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913

The Student Representative, Ex-Officio is a non-voting member of the Division Management Board. The student representative advises on matters concerning GSA student and early career issues, as well as Division outreach. Term of office is two years. The Student Representative is expected to attend the Annual Meeting, so the Geoarchaeology Division subsidizes their travel expenses.

Benjamin Deans
Department of Anthropology
Washington University in St Louis
St Louis, MO 63130

The GSA Council Division Liaison is a GSA Councilor appointed by the GSA President as a communication conduit between the Division and Society administration. The division liaison is a member of the Division's management board and is welcome at all Division meetings.

Susan Stover
Kansas Geological Survey
Lawrence, KS 66047

Past Chairs

Sam Krause 2023 Texas State University
Laura Murphy 2021 Washburn University
Rick Dunn 2019 Norwich University
Cynthia M. Fadem 2017 Earlham College
Katherine A. Adelsberger 2015 Knox College
Loren G. Davis 2013 Oregon State University
Kathleen Nicoll 2011 University of Utah
Andrea K. Freeman 2009 University of Calgary
Gary Huckleberry 2007 Tucson, Arizona
David Cremeens 2005 GAI Consultants
Vance T. Holliday 2003 University of Arizona
Christopher Hill 2002 Boise State University
Paul Goldberg 2001 Boston University
Lisa Wells 2000 Oregon State University
C. Reid Ferring 1999 University of North Texas
Rolfe D. Mandel 1998 consultant/ University of Kansas
E. James Dixon 1997 Denver Museum of Natural History
Edwin R. Hajic 1996 consultant/Illinois State Museum
Margaret J. Guccione 1995 University of Arkansas
Henry P. Schwarcz 1994 McMaster University
Bonnie A. Blackwell 1993 University of Windsor
E. Arthur Bettis III 1992 Iowa Geological Survey
Julie K. Stein 1991 University of Washington
Robert M. Thorson 1990 University of Connecticut
Fekri A. Hassan 1989 Washington State University
Fekri A. Hassan 1988 Washington State University
John A. Gifford 1987 University of Miami
Charles J. Vitaliano 1986 Indiana University
David M. Hopkins 1985 University of Alaska
Harold W. Borns, Jr. 1984 University of Maine
Claude C. Albritton, Jr 1983 Southern Methodist University
Norman Herz 1982 University of Georgia
Jack D. Donahue 1981 University of Pittsburgh
William R. Farrand 1980 University of Michigan
John C. Kraft 1979 University of Delaware
George R. Rapp, Jr. 1978 University of Minnesota-Duluth

Note: affiliations at time of office