Be a Mentor

Be a Mentor

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GSA invites professionals, early career professionals, graduate students, and retirees to mentor student(s) in a virtual format.

All mentors are asked to read and abide by GSA’s Events Code of Conduct.


Drop in Mentor

Mentors will volunteer for a block of time (one hour minimum). Students have 30 minutes to ask questions and seek advice on a variety of topics.

Résumé or CV Mentor

A Résumé or CV Mentor volunteers for a block of time (one-hour minimum) to review student résumés or CVs, providing advice and guidance on building a winning document.

On To the Future Mentor

Mentor a student (one-on-one) who has never attended a GSA meeting before. You will help them navigate the meeting and discuss career paths and offer advice. You can expect to meet with them via virtual format for at least 30 minutes for each day you both attend the meeting. All matches are made through the online Mentor Platform. You can access the site to create your profile ( You must be registered for the meeting to access it.


If you have questions about one of these opportunities, contact Jennifer Nocerino at +1-303-357-1036, .

“Mentoring is important to me. It feels like paying forward all the help, advice, and time I have been given over my years as a student. Plus I learn about a new bit of science depending on what their research is.”
— 2015 Mentor

“My mentor was fantastic; he provided excellent advice about how to make effective and informative posters, how to meet new people and who to talk to, and introduced me to some of the students that he worked with in the past.”
— 2018 Mentee

“I had a very good experience with my mentor. They were very insightful and thoughtful. When they couldn't answer my questions, they put me in contact with people who could.”
— 2018 Mentee