Solar panels and sky.

The sustainability of GSA meetings ensures that we can meet the needs of geoscientists today and for generations to come.

What GSA Does

We're continually implementing practices to reduce waste and use resources responsibly.

  • Offers carbon offsets for purchase through registration
  • Badgeholders are made from recycled material
  • Program book, including cover, and binding glue can be recycled
  • Offers a conference app
  • Eliminated printing of abstract book
  • Using less paper to print the technical session signage
  • Ride share/room share program
  • Orders plated meals verses buffets when possible to avoid food waste
  • Requests that boxed lunches be plated
  • Orders items cut in half (bagels, muffins)
  • Requests china or compostable service ware
  • Has water pitchers and jugs available to refill water bottles
  • Operates a 70 kW solar panel array at the Boulder, Colorado HQ

What You Can Do

  • Purchase carbon offsets
  • Bring reusable water bottle & coffee container
  • If using a non-reusable cup (beer line), try to re-use it at least once before recycling/composting it
  • Download meeting app instead of printed program
  • Recycle name badge
  • Carpool, take public transportation to meeting
  • Ride share/room share
  • If hosting meetings, order plated meals verses buffets to avoid food waste
  • Request that boxed lunches be plated
  • If hosting meetings, ask for items to be cut in half (ex: muffins)
  • If hosting meetings, ask for items in bulk (ex: creamer, sugar) instead of individual packets
  • If hosting meetings, ask for pitchers of water instead of bottled water
  • Utilize limited housekeeping services (e.g., room serviced only once every 3 days)

Carbon Offset Program

To help conference attendees who are committed to making the GSA Annual Meeting a sustainable event, the Geological Society of America will offer to conference attendees the option to purchase carbon offset credits.

Purchasing carbon offsets when you register funds a reduction in emissions from a specific energy project to offset emissions. These carbon emission reduction projects would not be possible without the financial resources that your purchase provides.

For more information, please visit these links on the Native Energy website:

Carbon offsets will be offered with registration. Each $2.50 increment offsets approximately one metric ton of CO2.