Non-technical Events

Make connections at GSA 2020—and have fun doing it.

There's more to the Annual Meeting than technical learning. Check out various non-technical events, from alumni meetups to town halls.

Alternate Platform

We have several non-tech events that are being held on a virtual platform other than the platform for GSA Connects Online. The events are included on the schedule as a convenience to you and to provide you with one location to find information on events taking place around GSA Connects Online. Please check the links for these events in advance. Some events require a separate registration, some events have links or emails where you can get additional information, and some events provide a direct link to the live event.

Division Events

GSA has 22 scientific Divisions that generally meet at the GSA Annual Meeting. Most but not all of these events are listed on the non-technical schedule of events. If you do not see a Division event listed please check the Division's webpage. Several Divisions have highlighted their events or provided additional details on their business meetings and student socials on their own webpage.

List and links for all Division webpages.

Questions? Contact Becky Sundeen at +1-303-357-1041 or .

A Taste of Montréal

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A live cooking demo with Bar à Vin Liège's chef

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This event took place on Monday, 26 October, and is now accessible under Connect & Learn in the e-attend platform.

Must be registered for and signed in to GSA 2020 Connects Online to view.

Get the chef's recipe for Montréal spiced duck breast

In honor of GSA's original plans to host the GSA 2020 Annual Meeting in Montréal, GSA is hosting a live cooking demo with one of the city's finest chefs. Experience the taste and culture of Montréal from the comfort of your own home by cooking a typical Montréal dish. The chef will instruct you on how to cook the meal, help you choose the best wine to pair with it, and be available to answer questions. Read the list of ingredients and wine list before the event. Bon appétit!