GSA has held an Annual Meeting every year since 1888, despite pandemics, the Great Depression, and both World Wars.

This year will be no different, but it will be hosted 100% online and will consist of a combination of live presentations (keynotes) and pre-recorded live sessions (technical sessions with live Q&A) as GSA presents GSA 2020 Connects Online.

Thousands of people attend the GSA Annual Meeting every year to find the tools, confidence, and connections they need to advance their science and their careers. Attendees engage in many ways, from attending technical sessions to presenting research to connecting at social events.

The GSA 2020 Annual Meeting will serve as an online hub of groundbreaking science and technology that will help you find the inspiration and resources to advance your professional career, network and engage with the geoscience community, and share and broaden your scientific knowledge.

Join your peers at GSA 2020 to connect to the highest level of geological science online.

GSA 2020 sounds great. What should I do next?



Felix Gervais
Félix Gervais, GSA 2020 General Chair

As many of you know, Montréal has been severely hit with the pandemic, which forced the cancellation of the on-site Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America. We are, however, excited by the challenge that setting up a virtual meeting represents. I am confident that such format change offers the possibility of fostering scientific discussions and exchange of ideas in ways that a normal meeting cannot achieve. For this sake, the GSA staff are working very hard to select the best technopedagogic tools to optimize your virtual experience. We are also aware that many of you were looking forward to this meeting for living the unique cultural experience that Montréal has to offer. Although it is impossible to replicate the live experience, members of the local organizing committee and I are preparing special activities to tease you with typical Montréal treats. We hope that this new virtual meeting format combined with a taste of local flavor will entice you to participate in the 2020 meeting and ...come visit us live for the GSA Annual Meeting in 2027 in Montréal!


Be safe,

Félix Gervais

GSA 2020 General Chair

Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Geological and Mining Engineering, Polytechnique Montréal