Justification Letter

Letter of Justification

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Dear [Immediate Supervisor/Board],

The 131st Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of America will be held 22-25 September in Phoenix, Arizona. This is the premier event for geoscience researchers, academics, and professionals. My participation is critical to furthering my career and bringing new ideas and approaches to our organization. I have been a member of this organization for XX years, and I request your approval to attend.

I’ll be among 7,000 professionals gathered to share research, learn new skills, and meet with innovative vendors. As you know, science is rarely an individual endeavor. This kind of collaborative environment is invaluable in generating ideas and pushing projects forward.

Registration includes full access to more than 200 topical sessions, a variety of symposia, a robust exhibit hall, and many more career building and mentoring opportunities. Field trips, short courses, and opportunities to earn CEUs are also available.

I plan to attend the following short courses and sessions to strengthen my professional development:

Session          How This Will Benefit the Organization



Following are the exhibitors I plan to speak with that I think can help our organization:



Here are my projected costs for attending:

Registration     $XX

Hotel     $XX

Airfare     $XX

Miscellaneous     $XX