Carbon Offset

Carbon Offsets for Conference Attendees

Airliner with contrails.


To help conference attendees who are committed to making the GSA Annual Meeting a sustainable event, the Geological Society of America will offer to conference attendees the option to purchase carbon offset credits for their travel to/from Phoenix.

The purchase of carbon offsets represents a reduction in emissions from a specific energy project to offset those created by air/auto travel to attend the conference. These carbon emission reduction projects would not be possible without the financial resources that your purchase provides.

For more information, please visit these links on the Native Energy website:


The carbon offsets collected will go to an innovative program through Native Energy. An example of one of their programs is the methane recovery project with the Southern Ute Tribe in Colorado. Methane seeping from natural coal seams is captured and injected into the natural gas distribution grid to be used for thermal energy or power generation. This project is unconventional in that it is capturing the methane gas without mining the coal. Greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 23,000 to 60,000 metric tons (Verified Carbon Standard [VCS]) annually by capturing the methane that would otherwise escape into the atmosphere from these coal seams.

Other sample projects include:


Conference registration offers these round trip options:

Carbon offset (air/auto travel within the U.S.) $4.00
Carbon offset (air travel from Canada or Central America) $6.00
Carbon offset (air travel from South America) $12.00
Carbon offset (air travel from U.K., Europe or Africa) $20.00
Carbon offset (air travel from Australia or Asia) $30.00

Each $2.50 increment offsets approximately one metric ton of CO2.