Bring the Family

Bring the Family

A family walks on a path in the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.
Photo © Visit Phoenix/Brandon Sullivan

Childcare Information

Childcare will be provided by KiddieCorp

Location: Phoenix Convention Center

Hours: Sun.–Wed., 7 a.m.–6 p.m. daily

Ages: Six months to 12 years

Cost: US$10 per hour per child for children two years or older and US$12 per hour per child for children under two with a one-hour minimum per child. At least one parent must be registered for the meeting. This is a discounted rate as GSA subsidizes 85% of the total cost for this service to attendees.

Late pick-up fee: US$5 per child for every five minutes the parent is late.


More info

Reserve Childcare in Advance: To ensure that the center is properly staffed and to facilitate planning of games and other activities for the children, advance registration is required. On-site registration may be possible, at a slightly higher cost, if space is available. The deadline for advance childcare registration is 23 Aug. 2019.

Cancellations: For a full refund, cancellations must be made to KiddieCorp prior to 23 Aug. Cancellations made after 23 Aug. will incur a 50% fee. No refunds after 4 Sept.

About: KiddieCorp is a nationally recognized company that provides onsite children’s activities for a comfortable, safe, and happy experience for both kids and parents. Childcare services are a contractual agreement between each individual and the childcare company. GSA assumes no responsibility for the services rendered.

Contact: +1-858-455-1718 or

Junior Geologist

Earn Your Junior Geologist Badge

The Geological Society of America welcomes geologists of all ages to the 2019 Annual Meeting. The Junior Geologist program will focus on bringing a little bit of geology to the novice geologists.

You can download the activity book or pick one up at registration or the GSA Headquarters booth in the exhibit hall. This fun packet will bring introductory geology to your mini rock star and keep them engaged at the Annual Meeting. Participants will receive a certificate and Junior Geologist Badge. People of all ages are welcome to participate!