Sam Bowring Fund

Please join us in our campaign to honor Sam Bowring's legacy in building the geochronology community through a student grant program fund managed by the GSA Foundation and selected through the new Geochronology Division. The purpose of the fund is to support graduate student field work in geochronology through an award of ≥$2500 to one or two students per year.

Thanks to Bowring Fund donors like you, in addition to the generous
$40,000 donation from Isotopx Ltd, a British scientific instrument manufacturing company specializing in design and manufacture of thermal ionization and noble gas mass spectrometers, this year we were able to award the first two Bowring Research Grants in Geochronology!

For information on award selection criteria and process, click on this link.

To see our 2022 and 2023 award recipients, visit our Awards page or click here.

We're grateful to all Bowring Fund donors, who have made this year's inaugural research grants possible. The current balance of the fund is $88,000. We encourage additional donations so that we can continue supporting outstanding proposals from graduate students. 

Making a contribution is simple: Go to and select the Sam Bowring Geochronology Fund to do so online.

Please contact Division Officers for more information.