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OTF group photo at the GSA 2019 Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.

One of our core division values is promoting diversity within geochronology and within the geoscience community as a whole. This past year, we added a crucial new partner in these efforts by creating the new position of Diversity Coordinator within the division leadership. We welcome Nicole Aikin into this role!

Concrete directives include building resources for a series of "best practices," working with On to the Future, spotlighting research accomplishments of minority scientists, and supporting dialogue surrounding diversity issues. We are developing an evolving set of best practices, which will be available on the Geochronology division's Diversity and Inclusion webpage and, eventually, downloadable as PDF fly sheets. Examples include best practices for student engagement, best practices for leading a research team, strategies on how to be an inclusive host to visiting researchers/speakers, create inclusive posters, etc. If you would like to be involved in the discussion, have any experiences you'd like to share, or have an idea for the evolving set of best practices please reach out to our Division Diversity Coordinator, Nicole Aikin (nmaikin27@gmail.com). These actions are a first step, and we hope you will be involved in these important efforts.

***** The following is a message from our Diversity Coordinator*****
Posted June 3, 2020

Disclaimer: The following message contains triggering information regarding police brutality.


Dear Members of the GSA Geochronology Division:

We at the Geochronology Division stand in solidarity with the family of George Floyd, in addition to that of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Tony McDade, Botham Jean, Atatiana Jefferson, Stephen Clark, Philando Castille, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown Jr., Tamir Rice, Jonathan Farrell, Jordan Davis, Aiyana Jones, and the countless others who have paid and continue to pay the price for the foundation of systemic racism upon which our nation was built. We affirm that Black Lives Matter, and we sincerely hope that you did not skim over a single name in the above list.

The failure of the scientific community to acknowledge the history of oppression, disparagement, and marginalization that fuels the ongoing struggle for equality and equity in our society has contributed to the deficit of diverse representation in science. The geosciences in particular, including geochronology, have been identified as having an exigent shortfall in diverse representation. In response, we at the Geochronology Division have deemed diversity to be central to our mission. In the past year, we added a Diversity Coordinator as a voting member to the Division Board and have begun developing initiatives to promote diversity within the division and within the larger GSA community. But our efforts thus far are not enough. It is not enough to want to do better. We must actively be better.

We would like our black and minority members to know that we are listening and that you are supported. We understand that because of the repeated trauma, you may not have the energy left to elucidate on your experiences, and so, we recognize that it is our responsibility and moral obligation as those in leadership positions to invest the time and the emotional and intellectual labor to educate ourselves on the history of systemic racism in the sciences and in America, so that we can better serve you by being proactive in our fight against inequity and creating a more inclusive environment in the division.

We believe that each of our members has the power to positively impact their direct communities outside of GSA through confronting hard truths, having difficult conversations, and committing to change. At this time, we would like to ask all members to join us in vowing to be actively anti-racist and to take action to further the advancement of equity.

Please use the provided resources if you are looking for a place to begin.

Wishing you health and safety, 


***** Update on June 6 *****

Please add your name to the following petition: 
A Call for a Robust Anti-Racist Action Plan from All Professional Geoscience Societies and Organizations

Geochronology Contact: 
Nicole Aikin
Diversity Coordinator

+925 -788 -1745


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