Sam Bowring Geochronology Fieldwork Award

Sam Bowring Student Research Grant in Geochronology


  • Work must include the collection of samples that advance the field of geochronology (e.g. fund geochron fieldwork)
  • Work must include best practices in geochronology fieldwork
  • Our goal is to increase in the role of scientists from minoritized populations in geochronology


  • Apply to GSA Research Grants in early February
  • Note that your project seeks geochronology funding

Learn more about the Sam Bowring fundraising campaign to honor Sam Bowring's legacy in building the geochronology community through a student grant program fund managed by the GSA Foundation. 
Making a contribution is simple: Go to and select the Sam Bowring Geochronology Fund to do so online. Please contact Division Officers for more information.

Our 2023 Sam Bowring award recipient is:

Ema Armstrong

Ema is a PhD student and NSF GRF at Utah State University. Her research focuses on identifying earthquakes in the rock record using zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometry. Ema will perform field work in the Salton Trough, California, targeting pseudotachylyte along the West Salton detachment fault.

Our 2022 Sam Bowring award recipients were:

Jordan Wang

Jordan is a PhD student at the University of Arizona. In his project titled, "Permo-Triassic Subduction Complex-Forearc Ophiolite Pair in southern British Columbia: Record of East-Dipping Subduction Initiation in the Canadian Cordillera?", Jordan will perform fieldwork in southern British Columbia studying the Bridge River Subduction Complex.
Kathleen Grosswiler

Kathleen is a PhD student at Pennsylvania State University. In her project titled, "How did the Wrangellia Large Igneous Province Impact the Environment During the Carnian?", Kathleen will perform fieldwork along the NW coast of North America, studying the Wrangellia flood basalts.