GSA Annual Meeting Win-a-Date

GSA Annual Meeting 2019 'Win-a-date' Winners!
Nearly 50 people participated in the inaugural 'Win-a-date' drawing at the GSA Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Thank you for your contributions! Funds will go towards student activities within the division. Winners for this year's drawing are as follows:

Hannah Dickson is a Masters student at the University of Alabama studying the Anita Shear Zone in Fiordland, New Zealand. Her research uses garnet Sm-Nd geochronology and pressure-temperature-time path modeling to determine timing of metamorphism along the Anita Shear Zone. Hannah will collaborate with the ANIMAL at Auburn University.

Tyler Grambling
is a PhD student at The University of Tennessee working on a project to understand timescales and rheologic effects of slab-to-surface and surface-to-mid-crustal chemical mobility in continental orogenic systems. His dissertation work is aimed at assessing the relationship between synconvergent mid-crustal extension, fault-fluid interactions, as well as pluton emplacement and assembly processes in the Cordillera Blanca range above the Peruvian flat slab from ~15 Ma to present. This work includes applying Ar/Ar thermochronology and hydrogen stable isotopes to synkinematic phyllosilicates, fluid inclusion microanalysis, zircon petrochronology, and detailed structural mapping. Tyler will collaborate with the TIMS Laboratory at Princeton University .

George Morgan
attended San Diego State University and worked in the Mineral Division for Tenneco Oil Company with focus on mineral exploration in California and Arizona.  George will collaborate with the New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory.

Many thanks to our 2019 participating laboratories:
Arizona LaserChron Center
Arizona State University Group 18
Auburn University ANIMAL
Boise State Isotope Geology Laboratory
New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory
Princeton University TIMS Lab

University of Colorado TRaIL
University of Connecticut BAHTL
University of Illinois HAL
University of Wisconsin WiscAr
USGS OSL Laboratory
USU Luminescence Lab
Yale University Re-Os Laboratory