AGeS2 (Awards for Geochronology Student) Research Program)


Deadline: February 2021

The AGeS program is a collaborative strategy for supporting community access to geochronology data and expertise. Graduate students can apply for up to $10k to covers analytical costs, sample prep, and travel costs to visit an AGeS lab for a week or more to gain experience acquiring and interpreting geochronology data. Interested students initiate contact with the lab to discuss potential projects.

Some AGeS numbers as of June 2020:

  • 63 AGeS awards made to support new collaborative projects between students, labs, and scientists
  • ~60 AGeS geochronology labs available for potential collaboration
  • Nearly 100 geochronologist mentors engaged in AGeS

AGeS2 is supported by NSF EAR-1759200, -1759353, -1759201 to Becky Flowers (CU), Ramon Arrowsmith (ASU), Vicki McConnell (GSA)