Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

On-Ramps for more effective teaching in tectonics

Do you want to engage students more actively in your structural geology and tectonics courses but aren’t sure where to start or how to make it work well? The NSF-funded On-Ramps Project has developed 2-page quick-start guides that include tips for implementing a particular teaching strategy  plus examples and links to additional resources. The first set of On-Ramps covers interactive lecture, brainstorming, concept sketches, jigsaws, discussions, quantitative skill-building, just-in-time approaches, and case studies.

On-Ramps as pdfs.

Read more about the purpose, origin, and authoring of the On-Ramps.

Science Education Resource Center (SERC)

Engaging teaching activities, effective pedagogy, and transformative workshops. Whether you're an undergraduate faculty member or a K-12 science teacher our suite of partner projects have materials you can use today. Connect with a community of peers as they share what really works in their classrooms.


Jacques Malavieille's Videos
Analog models illustrating processes associated with mountain building and erosion. 

StrucGeology by RWTH Aachen University
A variety of videos featuring analog modeling, PIV analysis, microstructural analysis, and teaching demonstrations