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Rick Allmendinger's Archive

Archive of programs written by Richard Allmendinger of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York.  Includes a stereonet plotting program, a fault kinematics program, a microstructural analysis program, and several structural geology teaching programs.

Nestor Cardozo's Archive
Archive of programs written by Nestor Cardozo.  Programs are free for academics and include a structural geology calculator (OSXGeoCalc), a backstripping program (OSXBackstrip), a flexural modeling program (OSXFlex2D), a forward, 3D Trishear modeling program (Trishear3D), and a 2D and 3D inverse strain modeling program (SSPX).

Rod Holcombe's Archive
This site contains programs written by Rod Holcombe at the Department of Earth Sciences at the University of Queensland in Australia.  Software includes GEOrient (stereonets and rose diagrams), GeoCalculator (structural geometry calculator), GeoFryPlots (Fry strain analysis), and others.

David Pollard's Archive
Archive of programs written by researchers in David Pollard's group at Stanford University for the structural and mechanical analysis of faulting, fracturing, and earthquake deformation. Includes Windows, UNIX, and LINUX versions of the boundary element code Poly3D, the code Poly3Dinv for inverse problems, and a Windows graphical user interface Poly3DGUI.

Fred Vollmer's Archive
This site contains several recent programs for analysis of spatial data (Orient), fabric and finite strain analysis (EllipseFit), time series analysis (Antevs), and organizing large collections of images (PicTracker).

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