Laubach Research Award

Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award
(Application deadline May 1st 2024)

The Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award promotes research combining structural geology and diagenesis, and curriculum development in structural diagenesis. To help promote the cross disciplinary emphasis of this annual award, the Sedimentary Geology and Structural Geology & Tectonics Divisions have been designated to jointly select the recipient. The 2024 award will be awarded by the Structural Geology & Tectonics Division.

Graduate students, postgraduate researchers and faculty are eligible.

This award supports studies of fracturing and the diagenetic processes, such as cement precipitation and dissolution, that govern the geomechanical evolution of diagenetically-altered fractured sedimentary rocks. The award highlights interdisciplinary techniques in structural geology and sedimentary petrology, and their applications in recovery of resources and sequestration of material in sedimentary basins.

Application Instructions:

Submit a completed application document as a single PDF file (<10 MB) by May 1, 2024.

All applicants will be required to affirm their adherence to GSA's Code of Conduct in order to be considered for the award. 

If you have questions regarding this award or the application, please contact Owen Callahan (, Chair of the 2024 Laubach Award committee, or Andrew Zuza (, 2nd Vice Chair of the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division.

The single PDF application document should include:

  1.  A title page including
    • Name
    • Mailing Address
    • Email
    • Positon (MS, PhD, postdoc, Assist. Prof, Assoc. Prof, Prof)
    • Academic Institution
    • Other agencies that (i) have supported this project; (ii) are supporting this project; or (iii) are being applied to. Include title, dates, and level of support
    • Project title
    • BRIEF justification explaining how this proposal fits the purpose of the Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Award (<100 words)
  2.  Proposal body
    • Document must be <5 pages in 12pt font, double-spaced text (excluding references and figures)
    • Includes an Abstract of proposed work (<250 words)
  3.  Up-to-date, abridged curriculum vitae (< 2 pages)
  4.  Proposed budget page (we anticipate one award of $2500)

Previous Awardees:


Sarah Giles (PhD student)                                Columbia University


No awardee


No awardee


Leonardo Del Sole (PhD student)
Università di Bologna


Kayla Smith (MS student)
Utah State University


Dr. William T. Jackson, Jr
University of South Alabama


Victoria Igoe
University of Wisconsin-Madison


Sebastian Cardona
Colorado School of Mines


Austin Boles
University of Michigan


Randolph Williams
University of Wisconsin - Madison


Peter Mozley
New Mexico Tech - Socorro


Erika Swanson (PhD student)


Dr. Veerle Vandeginste (Postdoctoral researcher)
Imperial College, London


Christopher Thissen (PhD Candidate)
Yale University