What does the Sedimentary Geology Division do?

GSA's Sedimentary Geology Division works to ensure the presentation of sedimentary-related topics and sessions at GSA meetings and actively nurtures the work of students by offering the Sedimentary Geology Division Student Research Grant Award and Student Poster Awards and by providing financial aid for students to attend Division-sponsored short courses and field trips. It also offers the Laurence L. Sloss Award for outstanding accomplishments in sedimentary geology and contributions to GSA and cosponsors the Stephen E. Laubach Research in Structural Diagenesis Award (alternating with the Structural Geology and Tectonics Division)

Interested in Serving the Sedimentary Geology Division?

Current Division Officers


Andrew Leier

1st Vice-Chair Jason Flaum

Joel Saylor

2nd Vice-Chair Open
Communications Manager Amy Weislogel 1st Student Representative

2nd Student Representative
Sarah Giles

Past Chair Brian Hampton Diversity Coordinator

Agustín Kriscautzky

Division Volunteers 


Ex Officio Management Board Member
Howard Harper, SEPM

Joint Technical Program Committee: 

WIlliam Jackson

Ted Matheson