Student Poster Awards

Submit your abstract for the Student Research Poster Competition here.
Deadline: 20 July

Awards are presented to students that presented posters during the student poster sessions at the annual meeting. Students need to attend the Sedimentary Geology Division business meeting and awards reception to find out if they won and to claim their award.  Awards are sponsored by SEPM.

2020 SEPM-SGD Outstanding Student Poster winners 
We again held a successful joint SEPM/SGD sponsored student poster session, which included 22 student poster presentations. Our intrepid students engaged in an entirely new poster format delivered through the GSA Connects virtual platform and turned out a session filled with amazing work! Four of these students were selected by a panel of judges to receive a $500 prize as recipients of the SEPM-Sedimentary Geology Division Student Poster Award.

Sara Biddle, University of Alberta:

“Recognizing the influence of burrowing meiofauna in marine mudrocks and what it means for paleoredox: a case study of microscopic trace fossils in the organic-rich Horn River Group Devonian mudrocks, Northwest Territories”

Fangge Chen
, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) and Queen's University:

“Carboniferous Mn deposits from the South China Block: A new type of upwelling-related ore”

Rodrigo A. Narro Pérez
, McMaster University:

“Sedimentological analysis of a lateral moraine, Gígjökull, Iceland”

Mildred Zepeda-Martínez, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México:

“Internal architecture and tectono-sedimentary evolution of the Tlaxiaco Basin, southern Mexico: A sedimentological approach for reconstructing the Early-Middle Jurassic continental attenuation history of western equatorial Pangea”


Previous Student Poster Awardees


Eliel Anttila
Anthony Edgington
Richard Hess
Taylor Kelln

Joshua R. Malone
Daniel S Coutts
Asmara Lehrmann
Mingyu Yang

Paul Dohm
Tadasse Alemu
Charlie Y.C. Zang
Nicholas Fedorchuk

Rachel Fliflet
Angela Norman
Nicholas David Risedorf
Cody Stopka

Carson Ames
Kristin Chilton
Christopher Connell
Evan Jones

Alexa Goers
Robert Mahon 
Maya Stokes
Tyler Winkler

Samantha Taylor
Elizabeth Heness
Marcelina Labaj
David Malone 

Holly Buehler
Christopher Cassle
Eli Erickson
Katherine Murray
Michelle Olson


Above: Award Recipients for the 2021 Joint SEPM-GSA SGD Student Poster Competition Clockwise from upper left: Sara Biddle, Fangge Chen, Rodrigo A. Narro Pérez and Mildred Zepeda-Martínez.