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  • HPGD in Portland, GSA Connects 2021

    I hope that this correspondence finds you all well and safe.  I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week during the annual meeting.  Others of you will join us virtually.  This will certainly be different meeting than those past.  Please be patient with us as we try to navigate the new virtual world.

    Our division will have a presence at the meeting in Portland.  This year we have three sessions in addition to our luncheon and reception.  We will have our annual reception and book raffle---so clear those shelves! Below, you will find a list of events and locations.  If you are in Portland, do stop by the booth to say hello and catch up.


    Kathy Lohff


    Annual meeting Events

    T174 Great Geological Outcrops and Locales

    SUNDAY 1:30-5:30

    Oregon Convention Center - Portland Ballroom 253

    P3  Geoheritage: Celebrating Our Past, Protecting Our Future

    MONDAY 1:30 - 5:30

    Oregon Convention Center - Oregon Ballroom 202/203/204

    D37. Celebrating Great Outcrops and Geoheritage (Posters)

    TUESDAY 2:30 - 6:30

    Oregon Convention Center - Exhibit Hall A

    HPGD Board Meeting

    Sunday 8am-9am

    Hyatt Regency OCC Willamette 4

    HPGD Luncheon and Business Meeting

    Tuesday 12pm-2pm

    Hyatt Regency OCC Multnomah

    Student and Friends Reception

    Tuesday 5pm-7pm

    Hyatt Regency OCC Multnomah

  • Happy 45th Anniversary, GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division

    In 2021, the GSA History and Philosophy of Geology Division celebrates its 45th anniversary.  Bill Brice wrote the history of our division in 2008, published in the The Compass. That article can be found within our HPGD Discussion Board.
  • NEW Open Access Publication on Steno

    Announcing the publication of

    Nicolaus Steno and Earth Science in Early Modern Italy

    edited by Stefano Dominici and Gary D. Rosenberg, in the March, 2021 issue of the Italian journal, Substantia (volume 5- No. 1, supplement).

    The entire volume is open access and may be downloaded without cost at:


    Papers include:

    1.). Stefano Dominici and Gary D. Rosenberg, Introduction: Nicolaus Steno and Earth Science in Early Modern Italy

    2.) Alessandro Ottaviani,  The Opposite Poles of a Debate - Lapides figurati and the Accademia dei Lincei

    3.)  Nuno Castel-Branco, Dissecting with Numbers: Mathematics in Nicolaus Steno’s Early Anatomical Writings, 1661-64

    4.) Troels Kardel,  Nicolaus Steno on Solutes and Solvents in Time-Related Structural Changes of Muscles, Fossils, Landscapes and Crystals, his Galilean Heritage

    5.) Stefano Dominici,  A Man with a Master Plan: Steno’s Observations on Earth’s History

    6.) Sylvio Menchetti, How do Crystals Grow? Steno’s Approach

    7.) Alan H. Cutler, Steno and the Rock Cycle

    8.) Desmond E.Moser,  Crystalline Stenonian Time Features from Earth and Beyond