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  • GSA 2024 Topical Session Announcement: Found  in the collection: histories revealed

    Session T79 History and Philosophy of Geology
    Found  in the collection: histories revealed 
    Research using geological collections in museums, universities, and parks encompasses more than object name and location.  Studying these collections for scientific revision, for digital conversion or for exhibit planning takes the researcher to associated historical documents and publications in order to reconstruct their stories. From disputes and discussion of taxonomic classification found in correspondence, to biographies of the scientists and collectors, to the stories from field collecting, the research traces a neglected part of the history of geoscience. Often this deep research is reduced to a summary paragraph in a paper, a brief mention on an exhibit label or a more accurate record in a database.  
    In this session we would like to provide a space for this research to be presented and highlight the interaction between history and geoscience. Contributions on the aspects outlined above are welcomed. 
  • 'Working with Charles Lyell' Workshop 8-9 February 2024

    via Rene Clary...

    'Working with Charles Lyell' Workshop 8-9 February 2024, with the final programme and the details for Registration. This in-person workshop is free and registration is via Eventbrite.

    A free two-day workshop exploring the life, work, and worlds of the leading geologist Charles Lyell (1797-1875).
    Please note that the final date for registration is 19 January 2024 and that we are limited to 85 registered participants.
    The exhibition 'Time-traveller: Charles Lyell at Work' is open to the public in the University of Edinburgh Library until the end of March, and participants will have the opportunity to see it.
  • Time Traveller: Charles Lyell at Work

    via Bill Brice...Thanks Bill!

    A free major exhibition Time Traveller: Charles Lyell at Work | Through Lyell’s Eyes (ed.ac.uk) at the University’s Main Library, from 10.00-6.00; Monday to Saturday. Bringing together notebooks, other archives, rare books, with geological specimens and objects, to explore the working practices and impact of this important figure. This runs until 30 March and we hope many of you can visit. Lyell’s notebooks also feature in the University’s art exhibition The Recent | Talbot Rice Gallery The work of eleven artists takes us into a conceptual world of geological, evolutionary, human and environmental time, exploring what art can do to stretch the human imagination.

  • Winifred Goldring Rock Star

    The latest Rock Star has been published -- on Winifred Golding. You will find the article in your November GSA Today, and on our HPGD website.


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