Mary C. Rabbitt History and Philosophy of Geology Award

The Mary C. Rabbitt History of Geology Award is presented annually by the Geological Society of America's History and Philosophy of Geology Division to an individual for exceptional scholarly contributions of fundamental importance to our understanding of the history of the geological sciences. Neither the nominator nor the nominee has to be a member of the Division or of GSA. Achievements deserving of the award include, but may not be limited to, publication of papers or books that contribute new and profound insights into the history of geology based on original research or a synthesis of existing knowledge. The award was established by the History of Geology Division in 1981 and renamed in memory of Mary C. Rabbitt in 2005. The award consists of an embossed certificate and a pewter Revere bowl. The names of previous awardees are listed below.

Brief history of the History of Geology Award.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is February 15 each year. The nomination packet should include: (1) a letter of nomination by the proposer detailing the contributions that warrant the award, and (2) a current curriculum vitae of the nominee that includes: name, title, affiliation, date and place of birth, education, degrees, honors and awards, major career events, and the contributions that warrant the award. Nominations should be sent via e-mail with pdf attachments to the award committee chair:

Deadline for nominations:
February 15

Christopher L Hill, Secretary-Treasurer
History and Philosophy of Geology Division, GSA


Former Awardees

1982 George W. White
1983 Claude C. Albritton, Jr.
1984 Mary C. Rabbitt
1985 Cecil J. Schneer
1986 Ursula B. Marvin
1987 Martin J. S. Rudwick
1988 Stephen Jay Gould
1989 Albert V. Carozzi
1990 Gordon Y. Craig
1991 William Anthony & Swithin Sarjeant   
1992 Michele L. Aldrich

1993 Martin Guntau
1994 François Ellenberger
1995 Robert H. Dott, Jr.
1996 Gordon L. Herries Davies
1997 Kennard B. Bork
1998 Hatten S. Yoder, Jr.
1999 David R. Oldroyd
2000 Hugh S. Torrens
2001 Walter O. Kupsch
2002 Dennis Dean 
2003 Ellis L. Yochelson

2004 Stephen G. Brush
2005 Gerald Friedman
2006 Sandra Herbert
2007 Kenneth L. Taylor
2008 Gregory Good
2009 Davis Young
2010 Gabriel Gohau
2011 Sally Newcomb
2012 Gary D. Rosenberg
2013 Leonard Gilchrist Wilson

2014 Henry Frankel
2015 Léo Laporte
2016 Mott Greene
2017 A.M. Celâl Şengör
2018 William R. Brice -citation - response
2019 Naomi Oreskes
2020 Ezio Vaccari
2021 Stephen Rowland
2022 Marianne Klemun 

2023 Claudine Cohen - citation  - response