Gerald M. and Sue T. Friedman Distinguished Service Award


This award of the Geological Society of America's History and Philosophy of Geology Division, created in 2005, may be given from time to time to an individual or individuals, for exceptional service to the advancement of our knowledge of the History and Philosophy of the geological sciences. Neither the nominator nor the nominee has to be a member of the Division or of GSA. The service to the History and Philosophy of geology may include, but not be limited to, the discovery of and making available rare source materials; comprehensive bibliographic surveys; organizing meetings and symposia in the History and Philosophy of geology; exceptional service to the Division; etc. The names of previous awardees are listed below.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is February 15 each year. The nomination packet should include:

  1. a letter of nomination by the proposer detailing the contributions that warrant the award, and
  2. a current curriculum vitae of the nominee that includes: name, title, affiliation, date and place of birth, education, degrees, honors and awards, major career events, and the contributions that warrant the award.

Nominations should be sent via e-mail with pdf attachments to the Secretary-Treasurer of the History and Philosophy of Geology Division.

Deadline for nominations:
February 15

Christopher L Hill, Secretary-Treasurer
History and Philosophy of Geology Division, GSA


Former Awardees

2006 Robert N. Ginsburg
2007 Michele L. Aldrich and Alan E. Leviton
2008 William R. Brice
2009 Deborah Day
2010 Daniel F. Merriam

2011 Clifford M. Nelson
2012 David Rumsey
2013 Hugh Rance
2014 Bob Dott
2015 Kennard Bork - response 
2016 Gary Rosenberg - response

2017 Renee Clary - response
2018  Kathleen Lohff 
2019 no award
2020 John Diemer - response
2021 Jody Bourgeois
2022 David Spanagel