History and Philosophy of Geology Student Award

The History and Philosophy of Geology Division is soliciting proposals for a student award for the amount of $1000 for a paper to be given at the national GSA meeting. This award, established in 2004, is made possible by a bequest from the estate of Mary C. Rabbitt. Consideration will be given to both undergraduate and graduate students. While both oral and poster presentations are acceptable, oral presentations are preferred. Faculty advisors may be listed as second author, but not as the lead author of the paper. The proposed paper may be: (1) A paper in the history or philosophy of geology; or (2) A literature review of ideas for a technical work or thesis/dissertation; or (3) Some imaginative aspect of the history or philosophy of geology we have not thought of before.

The award is open to all students regardless of discipline, provided the proposed paper is related to the history or philosophy of a geological idea/person/etc. After the applications have been received and reviewed by the Awards Committee, the winner will be notified. The winner should then register for the GSA Annual Meeting and present his or her paper at a History and Philosophy of Geology Division session. A ticket to the History and Philosophy of Geology luncheon will be provided. The $1000 award will be presented at the time the paper is presented, and the student will also be recognized at the annual luncheon. If there are multiple authors, the cash award will be presented to the senior author and further distribution is up to that person.

Guidelines for Award and path for student

Deadline for nominations:
June 15

If there are any additional questions about the award, please contact
Christopher L Hill, Secretary-Treasurer
History and Philosophy of Geology Division, GSA

Former Student Awardees

2004 Michael C. Rygel
2005 Lee J. Florea
2006 Alistair Sponsel 
2007 Eric J. Brown
2008 Beth A. Johnson and Jamie Stephenson
2009 Michael Bramnik
2010 Amanda Finnen Waters
2011 Margaret Rosenburg - citation and abstract 
2012 no award
2013 Isabel Fay (1st), Ian J. Renfrew (2nd), Carolina Gustafson (2nd) - citation

2014 Ashley Inglehart (1st), Stacy Phillips (2nd) - citations
2015 John Sime - citation
2016 no award
2017 no award
2018 Gustave Lester - citation
2019 Richard Vachula
2020 Claire Sabel