Proposal Submission

Call for Proposals

It’s time to plan for our 2020 Annual Meeting in Montréal, Québec, Canada. We look forward to highlighting the geology in the area. We challenge you to propose a field trip, short course, and/or a technical session that will teach your colleagues and promote discussion about the incredible regional geology.

Lead a Field Trip

Field Trip proposal deadline: 1 Dec. 2019

Trips can be anywhere from a half day to 5 days long. Field trip proposals may be submitted by any member of GSA, its affiliated societies, or anyone else.

Submission deadline passed



Submit a Short Course

Short Course proposal deadline: 1 Feb. 2020

Courses run the Friday and Saturday before the Annual Meeting and are typically a half day to two full days.

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Chair a Technical Session

Technical Session deadline: 1 Feb. 2020

Proposals are being taken for both Pardee Keynote and Topical Sessions.

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Warren Hamilton Field Trip Applicants

Discuss how the Field Trip will aim to address unresolved geological problems of global significance in a broad, multidisciplinary way, including exploring novel or unconventional hypotheses. The proposal should also explain how the field trip will be organized to foster participation of graduate students and early career scientists and facilitate their discussion in the field. The trip leader should be qualified to lead such a trip per their biography and experience. If selected, 4-8 Students or Early Career Professionals will receive funding to participate in your trip.

A Message from GSA's Executive Director

Dear Colleagues,

As you know, GSA is committed to the ideals of scientific discovery, rigor, diversity and integrity.

I invite you to prepare a proposal for a technical session for the 2020 Annual Meeting that reflects your expertise and research but also pushes the boundaries of the discipline. Without expanding our horizon we will not move the geosciences forward and keep our relevance. I challenge you to also broaden your reach with whom you collaborate by including diversity in all ways — discipline, career progression, and individuals.

Thank you for considering sharing your science and work at the GSA Annual Meeting.


Vicki S. McConnell