Be a Mentor

Mentees listen to a mentor speaking. A mentor and mentee converse.

GSA invites professionals, early career professionals, graduate students, and retirees to mentor student(s) at the meeting.

A variety of opportunities and formats are available to fit your interests and schedule. As a mentor, you may offer advice to a student considering graduate school or a particular career path, help a student choose events and sessions to attend, or give feedback on a résumé. Mentoring opportunities range from one-on-one pairings for the duration of the meeting to 30-minute consultations.

All mentors are asked to read and abide by GSA’s Events Code of Conduct and Code of Conduct. Learn more.

If you have questions about one of these opportunities, contact Jennifer Nocerino at +1-303-357-1036, .

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Mentoring Opportunities

If you would like to be a mentee in one of these programs, check the GeoCareers webpage for details on how to participate. 

This one-on-one mentoring activity takes place in the GeoCareers Center and offers up to 30 minutes for students to ask questions and seek advice from a mentor. About 24 mentors are needed.

The Networking Reception is a gathering of students, early career professionals, and mentors. Mentors answer questions, offer advice about careers plans, and comment on job opportunities within their fields. About 40 mentors are needed.

On To the Future (OTF) mentors are paired with a student who is a part of the OTF program that supports students from diverse groups who are attending their first Annual Meeting. Mentors will meet with their mentee each day of the meeting, introduce the mentee to five contacts, and share their professional experiences in the geosciences. Matching will be completed using an online platform. Create your profile using this link. About 100 mentors are needed.

Résumé mentors are matched with a student on-site to review résumés. Consultations take place for 30 minutes in the GeoCareers Center in a one-on-one format. Sign up online for a time slot. About 38 mentors are needed.

Female mentors from a variety of sectors answer career questions at table stations during the Women in Geology Reception. About 30 mentors are needed.

“Mentoring is important to me. It feels like paying forward all the help, advice, and time I have been given over my years as a student. Plus I learn about a new bit of science depending on what their research is.”
— 2015 Mentor

“My mentor was fantastic; he provided excellent advice about how to make effective and informative posters, how to meet new people and who to talk to, and introduced me to some of the students that he worked with in the past.”
— 2018 Mentee

“I had a very good experience with my mentor. They were very insightful and thoughtful. When they couldn't answer my questions, they put me in contact with people who could.”
— 2018 Mentee