After you sign up as a Student Volunteer, you will see a link to meeting registration. On the registration page, register as a Student Volunteer (not as a Student Member) so no upfront registration fee is required. You will need your Student Volunteer ID number, which is a 4-digit number that will be in the confirmation email that you will receive after you sign up to volunteer. During the registration process, you can also sign up for additional activities such as lunches, field trips, workshops, etc.

Note: If you registered early to save a spot on a Field Trip or in a Short Course, please contact Heather Clark after you sign up to volunteer and make a schedule with at least 10 hours in it, and she will switch your registration to Student Volunteer and refund the Field Trip or Short Course Only fee. You cannot edit your registration yourself after it has been created.

We require your credit card information in case the following situations apply: If you don’t work the required 10 hours to receive complimentary registration, you'll be charged the early registration fee (US$145). If you decide during the meeting not to work as a volunteer, you'll be charged the regular on-site registration fee (US$180). If you cancel after 26 August and don't come to the meeting, you'll be charged a cancellation fee of US$30.

Yes, you need to be a GSA Student Member in good standing to participate in the Student Volunteer Program. Check your membership status.

You can either sign up early and change your schedule later if you need to, or just wait. If you sign up early, you’ll have more jobs to choose from and may not need to change any of them later. If you sign up after you know your meeting schedule, you’ll have to be more diligent about checking the website to see if there are jobs that will work for you. Student Volunteer jobs usually fill up quickly, but students do change their schedules often, especially after the abstract acceptance notices go out (showing the date/time of presentations, usually about a month after the abstract deadline). Even if there are no jobs available to fit your schedule at any one time, since other students may also change their schedules, jobs will open up for others (but you have to check back often).

Modify your schedule directly on the Student Volunteer website at Edit Work Schedule. Your initial confirmation email has your Student Volunteer ID number, needed to edit your schedule. Remember that other students may be looking for hours, so make your modifications as soon as possible.

During the meeting if you have to cancel any job, email Heather Clark and notify the Student Volunteer Office so that other volunteers can be assigned to this task.

Remember that your commitment to work means that people are depending on you to be there to perform your assigned task. If you don't show up, and did not notify the Student Volunteer Office or email Heather Clark in advance, your jobs will be reassigned to other students at the discretion of the Student Volunteer Coordinator. If you work less than 10 hours, you will be charged the registration fee after the meeting.

If your job ends early, you should report back to the Student Volunteer Office in case you might be needed elsewhere. If you worked more than your assigned time, record that on your time sheet. You will get credit for the assigned hours or actual hours worked, whichever is greater.

Although there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to sign up for 10 hours, students often change their schedules so jobs do become available. Check back often to the website to get jobs, even during the meeting. If at the end of the meeting you still don’t have 10 hours, you’ll be charged the registration fee.

No, all jobs are shown on the website. A few jobs may be added at any time up until the meeting.

Notify Heather Clark, or report to the Student Volunteer Office. We’ll cancel your volunteer jobs, and change your meeting registration from Student Volunteer to Student Member. We will charge you the US$145 registration fee if notified before 19 August (the early registration deadline), or the US$180 registration fee thereafter. If you wait to cancel your volunteer hours until after 26 August, you will also be charged the student volunteer cancellation fee (US$30).