Student Presentation Awards

Four Student Presentation Awards will be made to student presenters that participate in the annual Geological Society of America Meeting (two awards for oral presentations and two awards for poster presentations). Awardees will be selected by an ad-hoc committee of presentation judges that are division members at the postdoctoral or professional level (e.g., professors, researchers, etc.). This committee will be coordinated by the student representatives. All students that volunteer to be judged will receive the judges’ written feedback on their presentations. Winners will receive a “field appropriate” book (or similar award), typically donated by a division member.

Past Winners:

Kathryn Mudica (Oral) Bioaccumulation Of Legacy Pollutants Using Lontra Canadensis (North American River Otter) As A Bioindicator.
Erynn Johnson (Oral) 3D Printing Reveals Strengths And Weaknesses Of Prey Shape During The Mesozoic Marine Revolution.
Broc Kokesh (Poster) Phenotypic Trajectory Analysis Reveals Temporal Divergence Of Shell Shape In Bivalves From Adjacent Marine Lakes.
Maggie Stephenson (Poster) From Palm Savannahs To Hardwood Hammocks And Back: Palynology Of The Paleocene-Eocene Manawianui Drive Section, Bastrop County, TX.

Jeffrey Osterhout (Oral) Stable Isotope Geochemistry Of A Late Archean Microbial Ecosystem: Diversity In The Pre-GOE Oceans.
Jack Shaw (Oral) Planktonic Foraminiferal Bleaching During Early Eocene Hyperthermal Events.
Camille Dwyer (Poster) δ18O Schlerochronology Of Late Cretaceous Bivalves And Preservation Of Seasonality Irrespective Of Alteration.
Jana Meixnerova (Poster) Did Volcanism Cause The Whiff Of Oxygen 2.5 Billion Years Ago?

Amanda Godbold (Oral) The refugia concept following the End-Permian mass extinction.
Ross Anderson (Oral) Sediment composition of Burgess Shale type Lagerstätten: Implications for soft-tissue preservation.
Natalia Bykova (Poster) Ediacaran macroalgae and the early evolution of animals.
Dylan Wilmeth (Poster) Methanotrophy in 2.7 Ga South African Lakes.