Distinguished Career Award

The nominations for the Distinguished Career Award, will be solicited from current division members and be based, specifically, on sustained excellence in research, mentoring, service, and leadership for the geobiology and geomicrobiology community throughout the nominee’s career. From these nominations, the Division management board and appointed Division committee of awards will come to a consensus on the awardees. The awards will consist of both a plaque as well as an honorary membership to the division should the awardee not be a current member. The final award recipient names will be sent to GSA for ratification at the GSA Spring Council meeting.

2023 Distinguished Career Awardee:
Gabriela Mángano

Gabriela Mángano is a Distinguished Professor and George J. McLeod Enhancement Chair in Geology at the University of Saskatchewan where she has taught for the last twenty years. Before her arrival to Canada, Gabriela worked for the Argentinian Research Council (CONICET), which she has recently re-joined as International Researcher. Gabriela has approached geobiology from the perspective of animal-substrate interactions in deep time. She likes to move along the geological time scale to detect evolutionary breakthroughs and track the deep history of bioturbation. Her research attempts to reconstruct the emergence of modern marine benthic ecology, discern environmental from evolutionary controls, and temporally calibrate ichnofacies and ichnofabrics. Gabriela immensely appreciates international collaboration and enjoys working with her graduate students (more than 30 supervised or co-supervised, visit www.ichnoplanet.ca). She is Past Co-Editor of PALAIOS and serves as Co-editor of Lethaia and Sedimentology. She was awarded the Association of Women Geoscientists Outstanding Educator Award (2018) and recently became a corresponding member of the Argentinean Academy of Sciences.  

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