Student Research Awards

Student Research Awards
The Division solicits applications for student research awards with an annual deadline of February 1.  These awards, of up to $2000, will be competed through the GSA Student Grant program, and can be given independently or in addition to a GSA student grant. To apply, follow the procedures in the student grant program and after you have started the online application select the CSD Division grant in the drop-down list of Specialized Grants.  Awards can be to study either new or existing continental cores or boreholes.  

Awardees 2023

Jayde Hirniak, Arizona State University — Developing a tephrochronological framework for environmental and archaeological deposits throughout South Africa during the Last Glacial Period

Madeleine Landrum, University of Maine — Braiding Indigenous Fire Knowledges into Forest Management Practices to Increase Forest Health Under Global Change

Jada Langston, University of Michigan Ann Arbor — Paleoclimate and Paleohydrology of Lake Erie

W. Mathew McCormick, Florida Atlantic University — Characterizing the Sedimentological Signature of Hurricane Ian: Lover's Key State Park, Southwest Florida

Adriana Pina Paez, California Institute of Technology — Stratigraphic Model and Tectonic Evolution of the Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California

Madison Rafter, University of Houston — Soil Fertility and Early Hominin Adaptability in the Eastern African Rift, Kenya

Elena Robakiewicz, University of Connecticut — Lake Variability in Africa: Implications for Human Evolution and Modern Societies

James Thayer, Western University — Reconstruction of Post-glacial Effective Moisture in Southern Ontario, Canada

Victoria Todd, University of Texas at Austin — A Multi-proxy Investigation of Tropical Climate Variability ca. 200 ka
Rebecca Topness, University at Buffalo — Is the Bolling Warming Event Preserved in Stratigraphic Order in any Lake Sediments in Western New York and Pennsylvania?
Godspower Ubit, University of Pittsburgh — Reconstructing the Regional Hydroclimate Variability and Dynamics in Chilean Patagonia Over the Last 2,000 Years From Lake Sediments