About Us

About the Division

GSA's Continental Scientific Drilling Division was founded in 2016 to advance the exploration and investigation of the Earth's continental subsurface through scientific drilling. Our mission:
  • To provide a community for GSA members that use scientific drilling in their research
  • To foster communication and collaboration between scientists from across the GSA divisions who use scientific drilling to study the Earth's subsurface
  • To support workshops, symposia, sessions, and other activities that educate GSA members and promote research using scientific drilling
  • To advise officers and committees of the Society on issues relevant to continental scientific drilling.

Get Involved!

Our Division has a large member community engaged in continental scientific drilling. Interested in joining? There are many ways to get involved:
  • Are you interested in proposing a session at the upcoming GSA Annual Meeting to promote research using scientific drilling? We offer awards to develop and promote your ideas.  
  • Students -- do you have a great research idea? The Division offers student research awards through GSA's Student Research Grant program. 
  • Are you willing to serve on a Division committee? Contact the Division Officers.